Tumors in pleural fluid

Bronchial cancer, lymphoma, breast and abdominal organs, cause cancer, pleural metastasis epanşmana doing.

Differentiated adenocarcinoma and pleura of the lung cancer was not the most common tumors that spread. However, the most common "squamous lung cancer" spread seyrekdir pleura. Vvill contraindications to surgery in pleural fluid seen in cancer cells. Cases are seen in cancer cells in pleural fluid, biopsy, surgery can be applied if negative results in terms of cancer. Hodgkin's disease niteliğindedir.Kanserlerden exudative pleural effusion of the pleural fluid is usually very time-diasten lymph nodes metastasis is due to me. The lymph glands grow, blocking the circulation of lymph epanşmana causes. Therefore, malignant cells of pleural fluid seen too many times. To locate the primary cancer is diagnosed with the disease or the study of mediastan lenfadenopatisini (ie biopsy) is provided.

Breast cancer is approximately 50% of pleural fluid husule. These cancers usually through lymphatic metastases. Metastasis is usually caused by the unilateral pleural fluids. And about 50% of bloody. Liquid exudates niteliğindedir than once.

Malignant pleural effusions often insidious onset, no chest pain, or ambiguous, there is usually fire. Dyspnea was the most-watched clinical manifestation. Cough and sputum are usually associated with lung lesions. Systemic symptoms such as fatigue and cachexia in nature.

Kuşkulandırır cancer of the liquid to be bloody. Clinical, radiological examination of symptoms, and the fluid does not support the diagnosis of pleural biopsy is done.

Mastectomy due to cancer of the cases, many years later is quite common in metastatic pleural epanşmanı. This is usually unilateral pleural fluids. Lymphatic spread of cancer, Hodgkin's disease, lenfosarkoma, lymphoma and liver cancer, pleural epanşmanı husule other income. This will help in diagnosis and disease related symptoms, such Hodgkinde mediastinal adenopathy, peripheral lymphadenopathy, hepatomegaly, splenomegaly-gali, clinical signs such as fever and anemia are observed.

Fluids due to cancer of the pleural fluid of tuberculosis is difficult to separate the macroscopic appearance, and laboratory examination. However, diagnostic fluid for Mycobacterium tuberculosis or malignant cells takes place is found. Cytological, bacteriological, biochemical and other laboratory tests can be helpful. Contributes to the diagnosis of pleural effusions of cancer two features: (1) Liquid hemorajiktir many times, (2) And again after emptying rapidly collected. In some cases, yellow liquid, can be clear. Cancer cells may not be available in liquid, because the cancer tissue and cell loss is not always fluid. Malignant cells can be examined several times. Parietal pleura biopsy and cytopathologic examination of the fluid of the cases, the diagnosis of cancer, gives a more positive result. Pleural biopsy results will be better implemented with the view of Pleuroscopy. Pleuroscopy made easier with flexible fiberoptic instruments.

Pleural effusion is an important problem for cancer patients and their physicians. Often a cytostatic drug should be emptied and intraplöral. Persistent pleural effusions and 50 indoor water drainage by applying the liquid to be discharged in full in the cytostatic drug or quinacrine saline or antibiotics, for example, 500mg of tetracycline is intraplöral. Indoor water drainage to a forceps by squeezing the tube closed. 5-10 minutes until the patient forward, backward and side lying (all 30-40 minutes), the drug is spread all over the place. Clamp loosened and drainage is provided. Drainage tube is removed from the bottle of liquid toplanmazsa intraplöral.

Other Causes of Pleural Fluid

Acute rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus Erythematosus, and kolagen diseases such as polyarteritis nodosa and pneumothorax, myocardial infarction, and trauma or pleural effusion may husule.

Fairly large number of patients, pleural effusion, more than one related to the disease. For example, congestive heart failure, trauma, infection, complication of bronchial cancer and pleural fluid causes. Heart and lung cancer patients and pleural fluid can lead to infarction husule income. Cancer and tuberculosis pleural effusion can be found, accompanied.

Appendicitis and stomach perforation, pancreatitis, liver abscess, subphrenic abscesses of abdominal surgical procedures and other reasons, often observed in pleural fluid. In peritoneal fluid, peritoneum, diaphragm and pleura inflammation brought husule microscopic or larger, and more rarely in the mediastinum boşlukda intraplöral collected through the cracks. Meigs syndrome, pleural effusion is a common complication.
Pleural effusion is a common complication of pulmonary infarction. Pulmonary infarction, vascular congestion, long bed rest, and postoperative husule reasons of income, many elderly people are seen. A classic symptom of the disease is an acute chest pain, hemoptysis, and dyspnea. However, the majority of cases are minor or no clinical symptoms. Disease ambulatory and light. Dyspnea is more important than the other findings. Liquid unilateral, bilateral or less, may be serous or bloody.

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