Other Lung Infections in pleural fluid, pleural fluid

Other lung infections, pneumonia or other causes of pleural fluid. Among these are bronchiectasis and lung abscess. Despite treatment with systemic antibiotics is quite common in empyema.

Intraabdominal infections, especially close to diyafrağmaya infeksi-tions, such as pleural fluid can lead to subphrenic abscess.

Left pleural fluid can cause acute pancreatitis or pancreatic cysts. In these cases, or abdominal pain plöral nature. Very useful diagnostic serum amylase to be more fluid.
Sometimes observed in lung fungal diseases pleural effusion.

Coxackie group of viruses that cause pericarditis tekrarlaycı benign disease may occur many times a complication of left pleural effusion.

Pleural effusion secondary to liver abscess abscess husule amoeba growing income. Pleural fluid is usually serofibrinözdür. Amoeba subphrenic abscess diaphragmatic abscess puncture and pleural cavity, some pop-up and play the husule am-income. Intracavernous lung lesions may occur and sometimes a fistula develops bronkohepatik. In these cases, thoracentesis fluid, or sputum "molten chocolate" is seen as such. Blood and liver tissue, and this property causes the fluid exudates. Fluid was seen in liver tissue is helpful in diagnosis. Chest radiography and fixed right diaphragm was elevated, and the right lower lobe, right pleural epanşmanı condensation occurs. Emet amoeba siyonunun infek-specific therapy.

Hydatid cyst. Being infected in the pleural fluid in the lungs, or rupture of the cyst comes husule. In most cases exceeds the pleura, the air is hydropneumothorax. And intraplöral "lotus flower" appearance may husule. The diagnosis is confirmed the discovery of the echinococcus parasite antigens. Hooks must be sought in pleural fluid and sputum parasite.

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