Bacterial Pleurisy

Pneumonia usually occurs in such cases before. This, followed by pleurisy as a complication. Post-pneumonic effusion and empyema progresses gradually turn into a time oluşunca. However, due to pneumonia, empyema cases, antibiotic treatment to prevent too many times başlanacağından.

In these patients, cough, sputum and fever pneumonia in clinical symptoms such as sudden and acute indicates a start. Dyspnea and chest pain when it is added to the complication of pleurisy symptoms and signs of pneumonia many times masks. Thus, the disease causes pneumonia escape review, the primary disease is thought to pleurisy. However, Railer heard in pneumonia and other clinical, radiological and laboratory findings confirm the diagnosis of pleurisy postpnömonik. Infiltration of the pleura, or visceral pleura pneumonia, pleural fluid formation is related to bacterial invasion. Healed lung infection and symptoms of the disease disappears the liquid is absorbed. In some cases, especially lung disease, pleurisy postpnömonik streptococcal origin may continue after recovery.

Thoracentesis yellow or straw-colored exudate from the liquid. Is not clear many times, blurred and smoky. Antibiotic treatment for pneumonia, pleurisy causing bacteria in liquid is made ​​visible. 5000-10.000/mm3 leukocyte fluid is, in most polymorphic seed. This finding for the diagnosis of pleurisy postpnömonik private nature. Treated in some cases less than the number of leukocytes and lymphocytes may be more than the formula. At that time, tuberculosis kuşkulanılır effusions. Pleural biopsy may not be enlightening. Clinical manifestations and diagnosis of the disease course can be helpful.

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