What is a corticosteroid

Corticosteroids (corticosteroid)

Corticosteroids undisputed heavyweight champions of the fight against the symptoms of allergies. To be effective in preventing inflammation in a great, nasal congestion, hives and swelling of the bronchi are used to reduce. In this way, many allergic reactions can be stopped before it begins. In addition, the initial episode of delayed allergic reactions occurring after hours and even days can be blocked. There are a wide range of effects of corticosteroids, give good results in almost everyone uses.

Three-way struggle for hay nezlesiyle corticosteroid occurs: the nose, mouth and skin. Nasal sprays are usually the first choice. In this way, medication is given directly to where the body needs most. Side effects are unlikely. Probably the worst abuse in the nose and sometimes a little bleeding may occur in the nose. Corticosteroid nasal drops of hay fever, perennial rhinitis and sinusitis are used.

Through the use of nasal corticosteroids are usually preferred in the treatment of mild to moderate symptoms of allergies and the only antihistamine / decongestant combination of circumstances comes into play does not work. But more and more physicians in this way as the first choice of treatment, such as certain antihistamines and decongestants have started to use. This approach gives you the chance to continue the treatment without changing the drug. Moreover, only one or two times a day just use the inhaler. Thus, easier to remember to use the drug, the physician noted the layout of the application can continue without interruption.

Corticosteroids taken by the nose, a water-based solution and driving gas may be in the form of dust. They are equally effective, but some people may prefer one to the other. Water-based solution nemlendirdiğinden nasal walls, can help to improve the current flows. Dust is a drug is not a problem, sometimes because of the smell emitted by the patient may disturb.

Corticosteroids taken by the nose does not provide sufficient improvement, a physician it antihistaminic / decongestant combination can support. But living in a If you are the serious problems in the middle of allergy season, drug therapy may have an even more powerful. For this purpose, the path can go through the mouth or by injection given corticosteroid (steroid injection alone, the hospital would be the correct policy of making sure). In this way the corticosteroids, allergic reactions throughout your body to combat and often are very effective results. The problem is they only utilized in a short period of time.

Oral corticosteroids such as prednisone for a long time a few weeks, some undesirable side effects may occur when you use. Among these, the body fluid retention, muscle weakness, loss of muscle tissue, thinning of the skin, ulcers and other digestive system disorders, cataracts, bone growth in children, slow down and be counted koflaşması. As you can see the possible serious side effects, but most people do not cause a problem with short-term use. Moreover, these drugs because of allergic reactions may be the only solution for some people life has become unbearable.

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