Cromolyn Sodium

This drug is known for the main feature of asthma attacks and parry. But some physicians, cromolyn sodium use in the treatment of hay fever and non-seasonal rhinitis. Cromolyn sodium apparently, mast cells, histamine and other chemical substances makes it difficult to evacuate the burden of the poison. These chemicals are responsible for most allergic symptoms, taking control of their carrier cells remain closed allergic reaction gives highly effective results. But when once completely ineffective response remains the only anti-drug weapon. Minutes after contact with the allergen, even if taken, would be entered in the vain effort. Have you started using the medicine, allergy season is all along the aksatmamalısınız. Highly allergic to even a dose atlas.

Cromolyn sodium is used as a nasal spray in patients with hay fever. (Asthmatics are given directly to the lungs.) In other allergy medicine side effects said to be less. Some people from time to time, complains of headaches or feeling of burning nostrils. That is, all the reported side effects. Everybody (pregnant women and even children) can use cromolyn sodium. Perhaps the only real frustration, to take effect, you will use spray four times a day or more.

Cromolyn sodium nedocromil are very similar. This drug is mainly used in the prevention of asthma, but allergy-related asthma prescriptions written for those who frequently takes place. Nedocromil, such as cromolyn, an allergy attack can not prevent the beginning. Therefore, when used to cut the front of the symptoms of asthma, showed the strongest effect until at least two weeks you may need to be taken every day.

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