Treatment of Eye Allergies and Eye Drops

Antihistamines and decongestants, such as medications taken by mouth watered, fried, often helpful for itchy eyes. But eyes emerged very şiddetlenmişse symptoms, eye drops work is dropped. Plenty of cool water, wash your eyes before using eye drops. This process can reduce complaints, and allergens such as pollen provides uzaklaştırmanızı eyes.

Nose and eye drops are a large number of similar dekonjestanlarma. Büzerek reduce the swelling and flushing the blood vessels in terms of the vasoconstrictor drugs called vascular astringent. Such as nasal decongestants, which can create a recoil effect. If you use too much, your eyes will start to become drug dependent. When you drop even further in the eyes bloodshot fenalaşıp returned. Therefore kötüleşmedikçe symptoms, doctors do not want to give eye drops. Does not recommend the use of more than three days in succession.

Today, many eye drops antihistaminikli there. Flushing decongestants, antihistamines are effective against the itching and watery eyes. This is to be able to intervene in problems at the same time, with many eye drops contain antihistamines and decongestants.

After this general information on allergy drugs, back in the third round of the fight against alerjiyle, allergy vaccines that remain. Yes, I have done everything you can to avoid contact with the allergen and suggested by your doctor all the medications you use. Well, anyway kurtulamazsanız allergy what will happen? Described in the next section, you will find the answer to this is an allergy vaccine. This method is not perfect and is not suitable to everyone, but perhaps could be a way out for you.

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