Decongestant Drugs

Antihistamines are runny nose, itching and hapşırığa is good, but the most disturbing symptoms of nasal allergies, many do not work against congestion. At this point, the task falls decongestants. These are the opening and-sometimes in a few minutes sinüslerinizin-help easier breathing.

Most people on mucus of the nose (sümükle) filled thinks congestion. However, this is only one part of the problem. Allergic reaction when activated, your body's inflammation response and subsequent swelling sinüslerinizin. The developing situation for microbes and other evil creatures become barınılmaz puts his nose (he saw the body as harmless allergen one of the assailants objectionable remember). You feel the increase in blood flow caused by swelling of the nose. Inflates the air passages narrow and breathing becomes difficult inside the nose.

Decongestants reduce inflammation in blood vessels that lead to contraction of the surrounding düzkasların. Kasılmayla contracts with the veins and thus blood flow is reduced. Reduction of blood flow to the reduction of swelling in the nose makes. Thus, even if your mouth is closed you can breathe enough.

If someone completes the other shortcomings, antihistamines, decongestants, and creates a very strong duo. Manufacturers also offer many drugs already on sale with the two active substance used, ie, have a combined medical jargonuyla say. As an added benefit to many people that this combination will become the older generation antihistamines can cause drowsiness, nasal decongestants tend to raise blood pressure compensation for a while. Not be proposed for everyone in the middle of a situation. But in this way to get rid of the problems caused by antihistamines, may awake during the day.

Unlike antihistamines, decongestants or cold air and smoke, such as after an allergic reaction causing allergic nasal congestion, even in the case of non-benefit reasons. Bulbous nose, congestion and hours standing in a closed pop-up with medications. If you have received the medicine before taking your way to a respiratory allergen, just take a chance on your nose afterwards.

Using decongestants in two ways: oral pills and nose drops or spray. Inhalers are very effective when used correctly. These drug directly where it is most needed, sends into the nose. Before the pill goes down into the stomach, then through the bloodstream and nervous system makes you feel good about yourself. This process takes an hour or so for a long time, but within minutes, shows the effect of nasal inhalers.

Now, as always, it also comes at a price of speed. This is called rebound effect. Nose drops should not be used repeatedly over several days. After lengthy use drugs more than the sinuses swell further cut (several hours). Now, your nose has become dependent on inhalers. The resulting situation (chemical rhinitis called) put an end to a long and distressing process. As a result, through the nasal decongestants used to provide rapid improvement. Kaçmamaya moderation should be considered. Status of taking control of (more than a few days) after the oral decongestants used in the on-site to a decision.

There are also side effects of decongestants. Good idea to balance the stimulant effect of these antihistamines, but the tip of the escape rope. Decongestant, some people use them restless, irritable or tense feelings reported. For this reason, coffee, tea, cola, diet pills, other stimuli such as would be appropriate to take a break. Stimulating effect on the body adjusts itself according to the many examples are known. So you use it for a few weeks or so decongestant, may reduce the tension you feel.

Over stimulation does not matter much in some people. If some people can be dangerous. This is especially true for those with high blood pressure. Sometimes decongestants drugs interact with the blood vessels expand. People with heart problems forced göğüslemekte effect of decongestants.

Are pregnant or nursing women, should consult their physicians before taking decongestants. The same is true for people with diabetes.

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