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Allergy, means more for everyone else. Everyday language, people think they are allergic to anything they do not come better. Lazy one "allergic to work" can be said that, while the beginning of the job exceeded a husband complains that kayınvalidesine allergic. However, medical language has a meaning very specific allergy: Allergy, usually a substance harmful to humans without disturbing the body's reaction to the show.

The most well known allergies, asthma, eczema and hay fever, but a lot of complaints in the future, as we will no longer connected to allergies. Food, pollen, spores, insect stings, animal dander and chemicals, some substances may cause allergic reactions in susceptible individuals.

The real cause of allergies, even today is unknown. For example, a class full of spring allergies complain that children do not know why only two or three of them. Likewise, one of 100 people, but why not take aspirin, urticaria, or asthma attack caught açıklayamamaktayız shed. Yet, no matter what the causes of various medical treatments are available to control allergic reactions. On the other hand, are measures of individuals in claims against allergies.

Symptoms of allergy in children Allergy, Allergy Disease

Allergies, can affect the body in any place, fortunately, only one or two at a time most allergy sufferers are affected by allergic reactions.

Burun'daki mentioned allergies, congestion, itching, sneezing, or leakage. This is a different aspect of flu symptoms, a longer lead, and nasal secretions is more watery.

Göğüs'te hırıltıdır dry cough and allergy symptoms. Wheezing, asthmatic patients, the release of breath trying to sound. These patients, difficulty in taking breath, and breath to be inflamed bronchus cramping entering the pipes for the air (entering a leg cramp, etc.). One of the causes of asthma but, in the lungs of allergic reaction to this, other causes of infection at the beginning, a mixture of sadness, or their income.

Types of allergies Allergy Deri'deki varied. First and foremost, "eczema" or "atopic dermatitis" are a few. This disease, usually in young children, the skin can cause itching or kabuklaşmaya: This is especially the face, neck and arm and leg joints are seen. Another is a skin allergy in the "hives" is. Urticaria, skin, consisting of insect bites or thorn-like mid-sink white, red itching around.

"Contact dermatitis" in the skin, allergy-causing substance in contact with the surface of the water that collects in the itchy inflammation.
Symptoms of allergic reactions of the stomach and intestines, diarrhea, nausea, stomach pains and fart. Allergic Diseases

Göz'de allergy symptoms, the itching, redness and eye yaşarmasıdır whites of the eyes. Usually both eyes are also affected.
Kulak'taki allergies can lead to temporary or partial deafness. This deafness, the ear will cause the accumulated fluids. In some cases the ear discharge is seen.
In recent years, allergy experts, some believe that allergies affect the brain and nervous system. As a result, headaches, depression, irritability, anxiety, and symptoms such as seizures, allergies also attribute this. Urinary bladder bed wetting problems, and even linked to allergies. Continue discussions on this subject: Some very rare diseases as allergy, this allergy is caused by experts. However, other experts, sees itself as a leading cause of most of these problems allergy. But as you can see, this is caused by allergies complaints vardır.Alerjilerin easy methods to determine the most important, human lives may endanger the status of the anaphylaxis. Very rare these allergy symptoms are similar to acute şok'a. Clogged respiratory and blood pressure suddenly drops. Often, an adrenaline injection to revive the patient must make. Allergic bronchitis in children

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