Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

Epidermoid carcinoma (squamous cell carcinoma) is a subset of NSCLC. Constitute the most common type (35-40%). Is more common in men than in women. Depending on the prevalence of smoking increases. Other types of lung cancers and more advanced age than is usually seen in large broncho origin. Development is slower than other types. Histologically, the squamous epithelium similar to the circular sequence of cells occurs. For this purpose, also called squamous cell carcinoma. Most hilar and mediastinal lymph nodes metastasis. Distant metastases is less than other types.

Adenocarcinoma: sub-group of NSCLC. Therefore prone to the formation of histological structures in different types of glandular cuboidal or columnar cells, but occurs. Mucin-secreting cells in the airways or bronchial glands are derived from epithelium. Salgılayanı mucin and are salgılamayanı. Women and men are about the same proportions. The relationship between tobacco tiryakilik less. Epidermoid cancer more, less habistirler anaplastic cancer. Is higher than other types of environmental settlements. For this reason, early in the pleural effusion of a table by jumping to a certain other types of lung cancer compared with the self is more common. Adenocarcinoma is a type of differentiated sub-types of lung cancer is one of the exit site by bronşiyolo-alveolar cancers, although there is no consensus about the precise origin of these cells in the basal wall of the bronchioles and alveoli toward the outside covered in a layer is considered. Histological structure similar to adenokarsinomlarınkine Bronşiyolo-alveolar cancers. Electron microscopy studies showed that some of the lesions developed in type II alveolar epithelial cells. Although figures on the frequency of the disease is different from 0.4-5% of lung cancer 'that form. Are seen more frequently between the ages of 40-60. Common in women than in men, but other types of lung cancer as the frequency is not clear. Bronşiyolo-alveolar changes in the biological behavior of cancers shows. The tumor may appear solid in the form of a lung nodule and may take years of slow growth. The tumor, a symptom of the disease does not yet occur early in a period during radiological examination. The symptoms are not very different from other lung cancers. I always have a cough, abundant and can be found in a watery sputum, sputum and hemoptysis in the form of the line can be found in blood or sputum mixed. In general, dyspnea (suffocate), depending on there, and most patients die of respiratory failure. Treatment of bronchial cancer are the same as the other. The disease is not yet widespread improvement can be achieved with surgical treatment of nodular formations. The effect of radiotherapy and drugs are sparse serous

Anaplastic large-cell carcinoma: is a subset of NSCLC. This type of anaplastic carcinoma, probably squamous form. Small rather than large bronchi broncho take origin and early metastasis with squamous cell carcinoma tend to be separated.

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