Settlements of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer, basal cells are derived from bronchial mucosa and broncho from home can be seen all over the airways. Can be divided into three parts according to settlements in the airways of lung cancer.

Hilar group: Main bronchus, intermediate lobe bronchus and bronşlarından develops. Lung cancer is the most common places. Bronchoscopy, in almost all cases, lesions in bronchial biopsy reveals and gives you the opportunity. Development of a cough and bloody material mostly from the beginning of emergence (ekspektorasyon) cause. Yet even when the tumor görülmediği with standard radiological examinations can be found in these complaints.

Segmental group: bronşlarından are derived from the segment and subsegment. Broncho larger than those originating from the ground ahead of them clogged with bronchial obstruction and atelectasis and secondary infections such as abscesses and pneumonia are common. Often an acute clinical picture with a bacterial lung disease manifests itself by drawing attention to these secondary infections can delay the diagnosis of lung cancer.

Peripheral group of peripheral small bronchi and takes bronchiols origin. For a long lag period (latent period) and identified. Jumping into the pleural fluid build-up early in the pleura (pleural epanşmanı) located themselves with certain groups of their more frequent than the other. Sometimes, for various reasons, the radiological examinations can be found by chance. Limited diagnostic value of bronchoscopy in peripheral tumors. Bronchial lavage and aspiration in the material can be helpful for the diagnosis of malignant cell Searching

Histopathology of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer has been subject to various histopathological classification. These include the adoption by everyone in general because of its simplicity and Table 2-1, 2-2, and 2-3 used in the classification shown. As the basis of lung cancer cells under a microscope image of histology and according to the Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) (20%) and Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) (80%) to be retired in two main groups, these are themselves divided into sub-groups .

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