Causes of Allergic Diseases Allergy in infants

Causes of allergies in infants
On only one or two people to explain the cause of allergies rastlanmasının, but we know the causes of the symptoms.
Allergic people, alergenlerine (item they are allergic) reaction to healthy people showed similar responses show a potentially dangerous microbes or poisons. The difference is this: Free bodies, not a harmless substance need to be taken from the body they see as a dangerous maddeymiş.

One of the most active forces of the body's natural protection system, white blood cells called lymphocytes. Their task is ever to antigens entering the body. An-tigenler, live or in organic materials, but the body's own self-proteins with different foreign substances. Viruses and bacteria, as well as food and non-hazardous substances such as pollen, are referred to as the antigen.

White blood cells, a mechanism is fully understood by means of a complex, dangerous and harmless agricultural differentiate antigenlerle. That is, a healthy body, while protecting itself against a virus that causes infectious diseases, food is harmless in a completely different proteins react.

Rastladıklarında potentially harmful antigens, antibody production of white blood cells pass. Antibody, antigenle combined to neutralize him.
Even in human white blood cells will get rid of a healthy amount of antigen to produce antibodies can take several days. Antigen defeated once defeated in the body after a long-term immunity against him the winner. For example, some people such as varicella and measles diseases cause seizures only once, for the second time they enter the body from viruses that will destroy them as soon as stock is that of antibodies.

This is the main idea of the vaccine. Vaccinated person causes an infection, but not strong enough to start the production of white blood cells to provide protective antibody antigen given up. Vaccination to protect against allergy experts alergenlere patients apply a similar treatment. This treatment technique will be explained later.

An important feature of antibodies, antigens that they very carefully chose the attack. An antibody that are effective against an antigen, completely ineffective against other antigens. Influenza and colds are caused by it many times yakalanmamız. The flu and colds because the viruses are constantly changing, the next winter, a winter antibodies against mikroplarına sağlayamamaktadırlar.
Each has its own tasks, which are four separate genus antibody. In short, such as police patrolling some of the antibodies in the blood to walk. However, certain tissues, such as some of the guards wait for his head. More

others, such as white blood cells swim alongside the armed guards. Daantigenleri latter, taking advantage of antibodies which can destroy white blood cells.
Then this is the protective powers to do allergies? Free the bodies white blood cells, respond to harmless antigens zararlıymışcasına. No one is unaware that the real cause of the problem is thought to be hereditary. There is a trend in families with allergies. Recently, medical researches have been made, some kind of white blood cell that controls the production of allergic antibodies are absent, referred to the bodies. Some allergies, especially food allergies, babies thought to have originated from a very early breast cutting ...

Protection systems are not fully developed, the babies, what to cow's milk and other foods can not do against the foreign proteins. This issue again in the future değineceğiz.Ev dust allergy
Nature can be beautiful, but when there is a complex, very rare. A situation that makes things more complicated, the body against allergies is not one, but several mechanisms. Antigen, first enters the body lymphocytes produce large amounts of antibody. No symptoms is not the first time this event occurs. However, waiting for the next attack is a function of other non-antibody, tissue cells called mast cells binds itself.

There are many chemical substances, especially from mast cells histarriin. Their task of speeding up the flow of fluids entering and leaving the blood vessels, mucous glands and internal organs, muscles function to check the fluid production. These functions, and we have consistently held without being conscious of an automated way.

However, mast cells, the antibody coated, it becomes very easy to be affected. After that, the antigen, antibody activates. As a result of mast cell histamine and other chemical substances in bursts and spreads ortalığa.

After that, those, what side of the body depends on the antibody-coated mast cells. These chemicals, called a liquid nasal mucosa of rhinitis «kırrtışına and leads to inflammation. A similar situation kanlanmaya eyes, causes fluid accumulation in the ear may cause temporary deafness. Go to the lungs and air tubes inside the lungs, causing breathing make it difficult for the muscles to contract. Turns out the production of mucous and spasms in the abdomen that causes diarrhea.

As you can imagine, antibodies, antigen bind themselves to mast cells first encountered in the region. This is why people with pollen allergies are displaying symptoms of hay fever explains. The easiest ways to pollen from entering the body, eyes, nose or by inhalation. Therefore, mast cells in the nose and eyes, coated antibody.

If you have food allergies, the most severe response of mast cells in the region will see some people's lips, they are most attracted to a morsel of antibody fish, peanuts, milk, eggs or shellfish eat the same symptoms on the other hand swells can be seen in the intestine after swallowing food. Some people are heavier than food allergies so that the fish, a person with allergies, breathing difficulties begin to pull, while passing fisherman or someone who is allergic to eggs, an egg is broken in the same room hapşırabilir.

If you are allergic to food is so heavy, because the symptoms are clear and simple way to avoid it, is to avoid these foods. Asthma, hay fever and other allergic complaints caused by invisible spores and pollen is more difficult to avoid, because it is able to see while alergenlerini.
Explanation of allergic reactions to other types of complex, show a completely different effect.
One of them, mingling with antigen into the blood, transporting oxygen in red blood cells responsible tutunmasıyla occur. With odd-shaped antigenle on these red blood cells, are destroyed by antibodies, and they attract. Alyuvara If you connected the many self-antigen, the other, red blood cells, are manufactured more quickly and remain anemic to have been destroyed (be anemic). This type of allergic reactions caused by certain drugs. In some cases, platelets bind themselves to the antigens. Platelets, blood clotting and blood vessels to repair tears in the adhesive cells. If you do not have many platelets, the body repair services deteriorate, and the textures very easy to undertake such an allergic reaction çürür.Başka problem, not literally, but they can not hold on antigen-antibodies is due to whom a. These two enemies, macrophages (big eaters) draw attention. As macrophages, to clear the unwanted organisms. These organisms while destroying macrophages secreting antibody diluent and antigen, as well as enzymes that can damage the surrounding healthy tissues.

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