Allergy Treatment and Medical Tests

Skin tests and needle therapy

There are two types of skin tests for allergies. The most common test, the skin of a water solution containing alergen drops slightly scratched the skin with a needle. Intradermal testing method, called the other containing the solution is injected under the skin is alergen.
The aim of both methods, the patient is to measure the sensitivity of a particular alergene. The first of these is used in the diagnosis of allergies are usually strong, the intradermal test, does not appear in the first test is useful in detecting more mild allergies. Two tests are applied in the patient's arm and the needle does not hurt too deep to batırılmadığı.
First, many alergen solution is prepared. These are very diluted and injected into the skin of the alergen amount of dropped or very low. Many are alergen, allergy specialist to determine all substances that create the problem in a few sessions of 100 or more to apply the test. Please note that, even though every flowering plant pollen pollen allergy may be only one type of person. The most common trees and herbs from the polenlerdir alergenler. However, skin tests, as well as the measurable sensitivity to animal dander and dust. Although people are allergic to dust themselves sanırlarsa, the powder is not often true alergen, mattresses, carpets and other dark in the house, fleas or other insects that live in humid and hot corners.

Leather drawn the test, after instillation of solution on skin, insect bites, such as twenty minutes or so by waiting a şişip şişmediğine checked. If swelling occurs, the patient is allergic to that substance is determined. Needle is temporary and probably will be within 30 minutes.
Each of the tests, applied to a small area of an adult person of 40 or 50 of the test session can be applied without discomfort. The test is more than 12 children at a time.
A positive skin test reaction, alergene to show that you are sensitive, but this is the source of complaints does not mean that at that time alergenin. For example, tests show that even if you are allergic to a particular weed, then weed blossom season, you do not have hay fever. But in later years, this herb can make your hay fever.

Likewise, skin tests, may also occur in the past had allergies and unobtrusive. For example, many patients are allergic to eggs but only the children, show a positive reaction. Why not know that the allergies may disappear over time or may not occur.

Intradermal skin tests similar öbürlerine. Positive reactions to insect stings themselves in a manner similar to the show in about ten minutes. In some cases, delayed reactions and swelling occurs in a few hours later or the next day. This is a reaction and a doctor must be said pozitff.
Skin tests, pollens and dust caused by the respiratory route alergenleri to determine the reliable results. Are not very reliable in determining food allergies. However, why change the properties of cooking and digestion of food alergen, therefore a skin test material used in the food, renewable full uymamasıdır.

For best results, skin tests, symptoms must be applied a few months before the peak season. In June, a person with hay fever should undergo testing in the winter. This is because the doctor will apply the effect of a needle, but will show a few months.

Skin tests should not receive medicines containing antihistamines within the previous 24 hours. Antihistamines As the name implies, by blocking the effects of histamine, a positive reaction barrier are seen.
After examining the results of tests your doctor may recommend a variety of skin treatments. Among these drugs alleviate symptoms, diet foods alergen content or the needle may be treated. Diet and drug therapy, leaving aside for a moment, another is called "desensitization" (desensitization), let's look at the needle therapy. (Allergy skin, allergy dust allergy, allergy rhinitis)

In a book recently published two well-known allergy specialist, says: "Today, the needle therapy is useful and why there is some controversy about the. Alerjist iyileştiklerini why exactly açıklayamadıklarını timidly admit patients. This lack of information is usually less than the complaint of the patients still being treated for a needle does not change that "(Rapp and Frankland, Allergies: Questions and Answers, Heinemann.)
In other words, if not all of the patients appear to benefit from treatment with a part of the needle. No one knows the real reason for it.
Many allergy specialist, showed the effect of the opinion that the vaccination needle therapy. Antibodies to the vaccine in the body, such as intensifying aldırması counteract inflammation, the body alergen needles, sticking to them alergenleri mast cells to produce antibodies that will neutralize catch is thought to provide. As mentioned earlier, there are several kinds of antibodies. Mast cells, called antibody linked İmünoglobülin E (IgE), mast cells alergeni protective antibody called to stop before reaching the İmünoglobülin G (IgG), dir.

Substances used needles, causing allergy alergenden may occur. "But many people are allergic to multiple pollen or food, usually consisting of several alergenden compounds used in this treatment. In some cases, allergy clinics, prepare their own preparations. However, today these big pharmaceutical companies have begun preparations to produce . However, these drugs are produced for commercial purposes, just like grass and tree pollen grains contain the most common alergenleri.

Needle treatment can be done in three different manner. Or you can pin every month throughout the year or more before the start of pollen season is a busy week to take out two or three needles. Recently, pharmaceutical companies against pollen allergies, and providing adequate protection for an entire season, starting in April, applied at intervals of one or two weeks have produced three needle.
The purpose of the annual or seasonal pre-treatment, the immune system is to be ready alergenler condensation. In some cases it is possible to treat allergies, pollen season. This "seasonal treat is called, but it is not as effective as other methods are fairly uncommon. Seasonal pre-treatment IgG antibodies vücutun, gradually and without causing the patient's allergy attack to relay is expected to increase. For him that the first needle alergen, although it is a very small amount, this amount is increased by the second needle a little more patient and it will continue until we reach the limit of endurance.

There are some precautions should be taken: before the injection of heavy meals eaten, for a few hours later, the heavy movements should be avoided. Very sensitive patients, one hour before the needle by giving an antihistamine pill to prevent unwanted reactions. While the needle, doctors can be seen even when patients are less likely to over-reactions such as anaphylaxis to control the adrenaline needle should keep ready.
After the injection, mild itching, swelling, asthma, allergic reactions can be seen as typical. They are also generally they are not quickly be alleviated by applying the drugs to be subject in the future. If the needle is accidentally very close to a major blood vessel has been made, more serious reactions may occur. Alergeni rapidly into the body because this situation can be dangerous.
After leaving the clinic indicated a reaction to the needle slightly, definitely tell your doctor. Swelling or sneezing attack, the last of the needle was close to the endurance limit, without increasing the dose and your doctor may need to act very carefully.

You might wonder why the needle is made ​​of liquid medicine or pill. Oral liquids or tablets mind, produce antibodies in the stomach before reaching their destination sindirilmeleridir. Some allergy specialists in alergeni drops very quickly involved in the blood also puts them in a place under the tongue. Many conflict, although it is why, this method, food and chemical allergies are very common among doctors specializing in the treatment. The needle method, although not perfect, the present case, hay fever and other allergic reactions caused by pollen seems to be the most effective way of preventing. Seven or eight of ten patients of this treatment is expected to provide benefits.

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