Allergy Drugs Against Disease

Being allergic to almost every substance; drugs into this coverage. Fortunately, the recommended drugs for allergic symptoms usually do not cause allergies, but sometimes can be seen in such cases. Antihistamines usually creates big problems. Especially when applied directly to the skin for a long time, sometimes things that cause allergies, dye precursor used in the drug itself, rather than tablets. Commonly used to tartrazine yellow dye with red dye caused it, but is suspected by-rant. These dyes, food manufacturers, and hundreds of processed foods are used by many beğenilmekte. For example, given the color orange meşrubatlara tartrazine, asthma patients should avoid them. Unfortunately, before knowing the paint caused by allergies to substances, allergies, drug manufacturers have used these dyes in medicine. So even now on the market a few allergy medications containing dye has. Although not very common if you are allergic to tartrazine and amarant'a reaction to a yellow or a red pill and getting cured allergies getting worse, this situation do not hesitate to withdraw the attention of your doctor. These dyes are other drugs containing up to about 300.

Preservatives in food and drug allergies can cause diagnosed, and swelling can cause wheezing in people sensitive to them. The preservatives sodium benzoate, and sulfur dioksittir hydroxybenzoate. Dyes, such as widespread use and kanunidir. For example, manufacturers in the UK do not have to specify in which they use paint or protective material, packaging labels usually only 'permitted coloring matter,' or 'permitted preservative "contained in the article for the allergic person must be careful.

People who are allergic to tartrazine, a chemical similarity between them as they are not allergic to aspirin. One common aspects of both coal çıkarılmalarıdır! Aspirin allergy is very common and affects approximately one in 100 people. Symptoms kızarmalar skin, wheezing, swelling or rinittir. The scientific name for aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid, caused by allergies, although some sanılmaktaysa acetyl compound, some people are allergic to the salicylic acid. Salicylates, chewing gum, toothpaste, lozenges, sun oils, soft drinks, jams and marmelatlarda for example, are often used, and also many fruits and almonds, peanuts, apples, cucumbers, oranges, plums and tomatoes occur naturally.

Penicillin is the most well-known source of drug allergies. Penicillin-allergic individuals with first aid in case of accident can be seen by a doctor to bear a warning, such as a bracelet or a card önerilir.Aslında each drug, although it is nature that may alergen, creators of the very problem, aspirin, indomethacin, penicillin, sulfanomit, such as inflammation of the drugs used against tetraksilin , buckled anesthesia drugs, barbiturates, phenothiazine tranquilizers, vaccines, vitamin supplements and birth control pills. This, those who are allergic, stay away from these drugs is strictly required, because the number of people who are allergic to these drugs is very small. Be aware of the allergy, but all of your time every time you put something in your mouth you would be the cause of asthma or allergies to pass.

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