Drugs in the Treatment of Allergies Allergy Medicines


Explodes when in contact with IgE-coated mast cells histamine alergenle salgıladıklarını recall. In cases of acute allergic runny nose, itching and muscle spasms causing substance histamine. Antihistamines are used to this effect.
Histamine is used to organize the body's various functions, only the more histamine secretion is not due to allergic conditions. The sun burns, cold, heat and friction, causing the release of histamine, they can cause redness and itching.

In some people, to touch the skin, histamine secretion is sufficient. In this case, the language of medicine, derma-tografi (skin writing) is called. These patients can write the names of their skin or the picture can only press it. In some cases, because of stress or nervous disorders, and histamine is secreted starts itching. Some thorny plants, because they contain histamine cause ur-tikere.
Antihistaminli drugs, block the histamine secretion of the places you need to do but take effect spend histamine nerve endings. Because of various antihistamines, the patient must make several attempts to find suitable species. Antihistamines, found in the form of various preparations: tablets, liquid medicines, eye drops and nasal drops. Antihistamines are used to make the needle in the acute allergic situations.

Antihistamines, such as sleep, brought, or disturb that muscle coordination. He needs to use for the car or operating machinery, or work, should pay attention intensely Patients should be aware of these side effects. On the other hand, insomnia patients with an allergy to attract, these side effects are positive.

However, antihistamines are especially likely to be allergic when applied directly to the skin. For him that the, antihistamines, such as insect bites that cause kaşıntılara kullanılsalar cases, the long-term treatments are not appropriate.

Antihistamines, often used to alleviate symptoms of hay fever. But like most drugs, they did not treat the disease must not be forgotten. Antihistamines, and in some cases at the same time alleviate eczema and urticaria kaşıntılarını blood collection or from serum that are used for allergic conditions. In theory, if necessary, also used for asthma attacks, in practice they do not have the mucus in the airways where air gaps kuruttukları and to one side to treat asthma, may lead to a worse situation. Also seen in the stomach and intestines are not used in allergic conditions.

Corticosteroids (steroids)

The most common kortikosterid drug "cortisone" stop. Interesting history of cortisone, the first of many diseases caused by steroids is found largely been shown to reduce inflammation. Especially the drug known as a miracle drug, and doctors later appeared in the breakdown of steroids is widely used in other problems have brought the difference. Allergic reactions are very useful for the treatment of this drug must be used for a long time. Corticosteroids, also located in the body undertakes many functions, such as hormones and sugar crumble and grow. Drug corticosteroids are used for a long time, and as a result of the body that inhibit the body's metabolism of secreted hormanu heavily affected.

Despite the drawbacks of corticosteroids, the inflammation caused by allergies, and acute allergic reactions in danger justifies a very effective to save lives in nature. Cortisone injections are given to patients with acute asthma attack. Asthmatics also take pills for short periods of corticosteroids to alleviate disease. This drug is also used at the same time fısfıslarda produced for asthmatics (Fısfıs, very fine powder form of the drug when the patient breathing air bags and allowing the device to enter the bronchi). Kostikosteroidler in the form of ointment, is used to relieve inflammation of the skin due to allergies. Four or five times a day is applied on the skin inflamed area. Small amounts of space to spread the ointment and the patient, but patients should be aware of.

Corticosteroids, although the symptoms of allergies çokyararlıysalar hafifletmekte also important to note that if a treatment tool. Bronşodilatör
Bronşodilatör, a drug that opens the bronchi to the airlines. Ufalırlarve patients with asthma due to the airlines, muscle spasms can cause difficulty breathing and hırıltılara. Asthma is not always caused by allergy, an inflammatory disease such as bronchitis and in some cases can be the result. But whatever the reason bronşodilatörlerin, touches the benefit of patients with asthma.
There are two types bronşodilatör: Tofinilin-based ones and those of sympathomimetic drugs. Theophylline is a substance naturally found in tea but the tea itself, the case must be subjected to chemical processes for physically özümlenemediği. Thus, this substance turns into a format that is easily digested. Teofilinli drugs, calms the contractions of the bronchi, the respiratory center in the brain wakes up and improves circulation to the heart by opening blood vessels. Teofilinli drugs tablet, liquid or suppository form drugs are found. Required treatment in emergency situations is possible to make a needle.
Some theophylline preparations is very poor taste, as well as daily volumes is too high can lead to nausea and frustration. The amount of drug that is varied from person to person, the most appropriate dose for patients with a doctor may take time to detection.
Sympathomimetic drugs, the sympathetic nervous system, they remain the name for the same applied. Sympathetic nervous system, speeding up the heartbeat of the tasks to ensure there is a greater amount of blood pumping. To facilitate this opens the airways to the lungs.

Sympathetic nervous system, works by releasing adrenaline and noradrenaline. That is, allergies are the worst shots of adrenaline in patients with anaphylaxis. Adrenalin immediately raises the patient's blood pressure and opens airways.
Adrenaline has many other sympathomimetic drugs. Among them, ephedrine, isoprenaline and salbutamol'u say. Medicines in pill, liquid, or in fısfıs available. Fısfıslarıyla asking for too much çekebildikleri isoprenaline children lost their former prevalence.
Salbutamol, terbutaline, such as recently developed sempamimetis rimiterol and drugs, more than the heart, air pipes, and therefore affect the patient less nervous yaygınlaşmışlardır deeds.

Disodium cromoglycate

Pharmaceutical scientists are finding and developing the power to say drugs hoşlanmaktadırlar wearing long names, so it is usually İntal trade name used disodium cromoglycate.
This shows the effect of drugs on mast cells and prevents them salgılamalarını burst of histamine, the drug must be taken before the crisis to be effective, because mast cells after histamine salgıladıktan take medication, like locking the door to the barn after the horse escaped.
The first use of allergic asthma only downs, today a variety of preparations have been developed to disodium cromoglycate, and these are the nose, ear and abdomen are used to stop allergic reactions. Each of these preparations has its own trade name. İntal usually taken by fısfıs. Into a powder and placed in the capsular Drug fısfısın. Capsule, fısfısın patlatılır and content on-one drills by pressing the powder in the airways is a ce. The elderly and very young children who have difficulty taking Pale İntal'i use as a liquid spray.

Drug-makers to avoid rhinitis, also have developed a device is taken through the nose like snuff. The eye as eye drops to prevent allergic reactions, allergic reactions, stomach and intestines to stop the pills are absorbed.
The prevalence of the drug, the benefits depends on more than the side effects. After you start using this drug in many patients, has left to take corticosteroids. Still, like many drug is not suitable for use in the early days of pregnancy, such as when the patient's throat may be irritating to throat inflammation. In addition, after using the medicine for a long time one must take care not to injure. Because the drug abruptly quit, in some cases can cause an asthma attack.

Drugs, the pain of millions of people suffering from allergies due to allergy symptoms dindirmiş and the daily lives of these individuals are suffering difficulties of conducting eliminated. But still these words of the famous eighteenth-century doctors Withering'in unutmamakta William is a good idea: "Small doses of the poison and the best drugs, but an overdose of drugs are poison."
A drug that is useful to a person, no one may not affect another, a dose that is appropriate for a person in the same way, another person may over-or very little. Medicines need to be respectful.

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