Rast Allergy Test Allergy Testing

"RAST" test, known as radyoalergosorbent test, a new test and some experts görüşünce skin allergy tests will take place. Quite a technical test, but is expressed in short, body fluids or tissues detects the presence of specific antibodies reacting to antigens. Although reliable and accurate test has a drawback. One of the unresolved issues of allergy IgE antibodies against the body with a substance that, although no allergy to this substance show no symptoms. RAST test so that it does not bother you, but may indicate an allergy.

Allergic Conditions, allergy specialists by their great expectations, but further testing is currently in trial phase in a "cytotoxic" test. This test identifies patients who were not be destroyed akyuvarlarının side of a specific substance, to put to the test samples of patients, blood is taken and mixed with the blood of various alergen. These examples are examined under a microscope after 45 minutes, depending on how many dead blood cells determined by the degree of allergy.

The advantage of this test is the following: a very small amount of blood to be tested on 20 or more items. In addition, patients who have this test, pins, or chemical substances in the skin folds doğuracağı do not have to endure unpleasant effects. On the other hand the detection of food allergies are not very reliable, because the digestion of a food item is difficult to know at what stage is the most alergen.

Stotoksik antibody test does not search. This test is most common in America some of the leading allergy specialists, food and chemical allergies in particular antigen / antibody reactions rather, believe that white blood cells by killing those having an injury. Constitute the most effective strength of the immune system, reduce the number of white blood cells of any substance at the same time believe that reduce the body's ability to stay healthy.

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