Introduce Allergy Treatment for the disease

Treatment Recommendations for Patients with Allergies, How to Prevent Allergy?

Environmental units are a last resort, very difficult to diagnose people with allergies or for patients who must rely on an elimination diet uyabileceklerine. Many allergy experts fear, the people in homes and workplaces of new chemical substances, new encounters, allergies caused by them become more and turn into a big problem. But even though we live in must-eat meals to show much attention to the environment, the air we breathe, the water we drink and we produce, wear and materials-alerjiyle ellediğimiz live up to the last century is not a terrible problem. At that time, doctors, patients suffering hay fever have exited the long sea voyage, or gave themselves advised to close for six weeks in a dark room.

Except for medical treatment, allergy patients can do to relieve themselves there are a few more things:

If you are suffering from hay fever, pollen is very high in the countryside areas, but it would be wise to leave on holiday at the seaside. Pollen season, pollen in the air are the most hours over lunch hours. If the pollen is likely to touch out at a time coming off the sun glasses will help to protect qözlerinizi. House and car windows closed. If the budget is used in the pollen filter to your house and your car's ventilation system could also put an air conditioner filters to capture particles taktırabilirsiniz pollen.

Power completely to destroy the living organisms in the dust in your home at least reduce them. The first thing to do, is to make your home as possible in a dry, slightly damp conditions, because they reproduce rapidly. If you have wall to wall carpets, dust often you should vacuum. " Şiltelerinizi foam and down pillows and replace the old ones instead of wool in the synthetic fiber-filled duvets Get battaniyelerinizin. Curtains, bed çarşaflarınızı battaniyelerinizi and wash regularly. Best of all, find someone else to do these jobs!

People with allergic Tozdaki organisms, usually does not get up wake up or breathe hapşırırlar or wheezing. The symptoms disappear within days. If you start to breathe at work sneezing or wheezing are recommended to check operating environment. A problem common in offices, suspended ceilings and the dark, damp corners on workers growing and emitting a küftür sports. Also can breed mold in air conditioning systems. Spores are small and will not see it, but people's breathing difficulties, headaches and congestion are being noticed not forget when they complain.
Do not hesitate to say that you are allergic. If you keep in mind that allergy is a kind of one of every seven people, you know that you are not alone. If you tell your neighbor that you are allergic to feathers cat, cat okşamadığınız kızmayacaktır you. If your boss does not want to look at air conditioning device, her health personnel, difficulty in breathing for those who indicate that more productive. If the waiter does not know what is sauce dishes, cook, go to the compression problem.

Allergic children, especially those with asthma complain, blame the fear of school friends and teachers afraid to express this situation. Many modern drugs such as cromoglycate Amadisodyum allergic child's participation in sports and other school activities can be provided. A busy condition before you attempt to remember to take your meds. Swimming and soccer, even though they are usually more successful in asthmatics is tiring Jogging long distance can not be successful. Antihistamine against hay fever in children in the classroom may seem sleepy and disinterested. Teachers, children should be warned about the condition and their medications.

Allergy in patients, mostly children grow up free of the complaints. Allergies are subject to change over time. That is, certain foods, eg-Zema or a baby with diarrhea, can easily eat these foods later years, but hay fever or asthma caused by mites and pollens, animal dander or captured. Adults who have had childhood asthma, for a period of ten or twenty years of experience breathing murmur, but it may be asthma, especially after an infection or stress condition. In general, an allergy is not wise to assume that passed or lost. You are turning away from your home for years, so that allergenlerin If you move a region, the symptoms happen again forgotten. In this case, although unpleasant, is not exceeded by the medical assistance and taking care of yourself is nothing.

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