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Food allergic reactions can be described as the source here. As mentioned previously, some allergy specialists, recently of other complaints against some of the unusual foods, and generally believe that an unexplained instability.

The best way to clarify this situation, to give a few examples.
13-year-old girl, complaining about since childhood wounds and applied to the mouth of the result did not give any treatment. Experts queried by the mother, her daughter loves potatoes, and even announced that eating every meal, even in the raw. Advised people not eat a potato in your mouth back to her wounds dönmeksizin disappeared.

The shop owner, a middle-aged lady in a combination of chest pain, palpitations, shortness of breath and feelings of panic kapılıyordu. These crises were strong so that fear will keep guard on the street began to be afraid of even walking. Doctor, the patient learned that she smoked at least twelve large cup of tea. Suspecting that these problems are a source of tea the doctor, the patient was persuaded to have a test. During the test, a tube to her stomach tea or water was given to him directly, so that the body was impossible to know what they were entering. The patient is given water but no response görülmediği verilişinden each about 30 minutes after tea, palpitations and panic feelings of patients showed head. Subsequent testing determined that the patient's reaction to the same kind of coffee and tomatoes. But I was completely ill patients after the food vazgeçtikten.

26-year-old young man who had a no treatment, mild-to-letemediği terrible headaches. The investigations that could cause pain in the hospital could not identify any abnormality. But süregeldi headaches, it is a very young man, even the stress in and left his job. First, the wife suggested to appear in a psikiatra wanted to consult another doctor. More than twenty cups of coffee a day when he asked the doctor consulted with a daily diet appeared to drink. This menarche does not give up the complaints, as proposed, agreed and went back to work after a few months.

British Medical Journal this and similar cases have been reported in the Lancet in 1978 by two doctors. They took a very long time and discomfort, all of these patients are consulting physicians before the cause of ailments such as bulamamışlardı bulunamadıkları treatment.
Since the past, some doctors in many neurological and physical condition, caused by some foods dayanıksızlığından inanmışlarsa these ideas were not taken seriously by the majority of his colleagues. But new research suggests that this kind of food allergy is quite common.

Food allergies can have many causes. First, the allergic reaction caused by IgE-coated mast cells are linked alergenlerin. Reactions of this kind of swelling of the lips immediately after losing to eat, vomiting or diarrhea, shows itself as. Being a few hours after eating or urticaria.

Young children often eggs, cow's milk and chocolate after eating certain foods, such as asthma, stomach problems may experience egzemave. The reason is not known exactly, this baby's a very early age, some experts, the body of foreign proteins in milk alışamadan attribute this suppression. Children in his family for a long time in the main milk allergy areas, less than six months without a cow's milk allergy is the brothers and sisters. Protective antibodies in breast milk, baby's immature immune system deficits turn it off. And that is why many allergy specialist, children of mothers emzirmelerini recommend at least six months before any other food. If you are prone to allergies, this is not possible, and the child stands, synthetic milks can be made ​​from soybeans. (Note: This milk, milk powder made ​​from cow's milk is not the same thing).
The mother's breast that needs to know that the milk can pass any food or medicine. For him, the mother's only child, but would have to pay attention to their diet. Eggs, chocolate, fish and peanuts, they are the most powerful alergenler, lactating mothers is recommended to refrain from taking these foods.

Another reason some people being allergic to certain foods in their bodies, the blood flows into the proteins of the lack of the enzyme required before slicing. Your body does not have enough lactase enzymes break down the milk sugar, for example, can be uncomfortable when you drink milk. (Children's Allergies, Egg Allergy,) one of the causes of migraine may be an enzyme deficiency. Most patients with migraine after eating foods containing tyramine rahatsızlanır: Tyramine containing foods at the beginning of yogurt, cheese, chocolate, pickled herring, etsuyu tablets, yeast tablets and wine (especially wine kianti operator). Tyramine is a substance actually is not poisonous or alergen. However, if özümlenemediği rapidly, and in this case consists of an accumulation of excess blood, leading to narrowing of blood vessels leading to the emergence of migraine pain is caused.

Koeliak stricken people, to gluten-containing protein in wheat, barley, rye, and can not eat grains like oats. Koeliak symptoms of weight loss, swollen and painful and a stomach full of undigested fat, fragrant, soft stools. If the stops away from foods containing gluten, these symptoms will disappear. In some cases, these symptoms occur in children with gluten flour food fed diets for a period of several months is removed from the return to normal. Koeliak disease in adults is permanent, and repeated every disease gluten foods eaten. Koeliak disease have been proposed to explain the many peace be upon him. According to a theory of disease caused by an abnormal reaction anti-gen/antikor. According to another war koeliak peptidase enzyme, there are no patients, half-digested proteins with toxic properties of intestinal damage. According to another war, koeliak disease is an inherited, bowel patients with intestinal membrane adhesion to the membrane at the end of an anomaly because of the gluten digest other foods thoroughly prevented. Why, there may be a mixture of all these arguments.
There are a stimulating substance called caffeine in coffee and cola soft drinks. Leakage of your sleep when you drink coffee because caffeine in the evenings. Taking excessive amounts of caffeine, anxiety, irritability, headache, palpitations or abnormal heart beats can be seen and stomach problems. But some people are more affected because they are more sensitive to caffeine.

Is clearly that food and drinks duyarlr people can bother in many different ways. And certainly does not have yet because there are many other food allergies.

In 1651, the British philosopher Robert Burton, Anatomy of melancholy in his book says: "Everything comes from milk, increases melancholy." Apparently, Burton each drank milk or eats cheese coming depression. His accusation of milk in causing depression, but depression caused by the idea of anyone under any circumstances savunmaz milk. For him that he probably, food allergy was first registered patients.

Recently, some allergy specialists, certain foods and food additives, allergic bodies claim that they cause various mental illnesses. For example, wheat allergy is one of the causes of schizophrenia have been suggested. Tartrazine and the foods containing salicylate allergies, according to the belief that some allergy specialists and the growing numbers of school children, we call hyperactivity affecting the nervous or constantly noisy behavior and leads to difficulty in concentrating attention. These ideas are controversial, even though the validity of a safe and simple to be ascertained. You just need to give up eating that food is to measure and recover iyileşmediğinizi.

The simplest type of test you can apply. If caused by a blood-daysanız rahatsızlığınıza food, at least for a period of five days to give up his food, then eat the same food in abundance. If the symptoms, not consume food when you eat when you are lost and re-starts, is found the cause of allergy. This re-test yourself by staying away from food a few months. In some cases, the allergy-causing food stops away for a long time, allergies can, but you start to eat regular food in question, may occur again. (Sugar Allergies, Food Allergies, Allergy, Protein)

However, it is not always easy to detect food allergies. That is, four days after eating the food, even reactions may continue. In addition, more than one can be food allergies: Food allergy by experts to be more than one food allergy, allergic to food, rather than a single common. Moreover, allergies, often against a very popular or frequently eaten foods gelişebilirler ... Why do I put the problems to be a favorite food you might want to bring food or will bring to mind most recently. In addition, flour, eggs and dairy foods, such as the meals prepared at home or in the more widely used that you hazırlamadıkça dinner, do not know whether in this matter.

If you kuşkulanmıyorsa food allergy, but the exact cause of the two rounds, will be a test "elimination diet should be". This can either be simple, such as diets, can be very hard on. Aim for at least five days, all foods and food additives to avoid possible alergen. After that, give up eating meals, taking diet one at a time, whether or not notice the bad effects, because any possible food allergies, are most strict diet before the five-day fast. Then food begins to be the only one. Fasting, the previous diet of foods you have taken out of your system though, is dangerous and needs to be done under the supervision of a doctor.
Some allergy sufferers lamb experts, composed of pear and mountain spring water and is quite tasty, although it is unusual to give a diet. Lamb and pear, almost never alergenik not, no chemical additives in the upstream waters of the 'no.

It is a simple approach, to avoid the most common foods and additives. These changes include: Eggs, milk and milk products (cheese, yogurt), grains (wheat, corn, barley, oats, rice, the food), eat on a regular basis, especially cereals, beer, whiskey, wine, coffee, tea, all canned, frozen , prevention of substance, and processed foods, chocolate, nuts and fish. Alergen meat and fresh vegetables are not usually, but still all the same kind of meat and only eat a few fresh vegetables is recommended.

If it does not show the effect of diet within a week, or do you continue to eat is still something of an allergy or food allergy is not a problem. But allergies improves, diet, and reactions in order to add new foods together for a few days, let us observe. To measure food additives allergies, additives and as fresh food to eat before. If you do not cause a reaction to the canned food, try this. Among those who olağanları alergen food chemicals, such as tartrazine and amaranth dye ingredients with protective substances such as sulfur dioxide and benzoates. But in some cases, people, canned food cans used in the inner surface of the phenol resin may be allergic.

To speed up the diagnosis, experts have developed some tests to reduce the waiting time. The simplest of these "pulse test." Pulse is taken before a meal (the average score in 70 minutes), a pulse again after the meal is taken every 10 minutes. If you are seen a sudden acceleration (deceleration in some cases), it can show you that you are allergic to that food. Nabızdaki changes can occur over a period of two hours at a time will come-though usually shorter.

Pulse test, as well as "sublingual" (sublingual) test is also used. One drop of food or chemical solution, placed under the tongue is spread rapidly into the body. Sublingual test may be surprising: it has been tested a few minutes later, the patient's pulse-spiritual crisis, or if you have a very elevated and patients may begin to tremble and cry. Testing is an expert who knows the language well by putting a drop of diluted below the items that will alleviate the symptoms.
Some American experts, is injected under the skin extracts of food, "intradermal test," apply. The usefulness of this test is useful in the hands of experts who use it for discussion in konusuysa has credible evidence. Sublingual test, as well as to stop the reactions, the essence is diluted.

Sublingual allergy tests, implements the experts, patients and their claims before a meal can be found in foods to protect against alergenlere give the drops. The most reliable way to prevent allergic reaction, allergy-causing food to avoid. But often away from home and for those who are obliged to eat in restaurants, a dietary allergens-gens, especially those who frequently used such as wheat and eggs if they are allergic to a food-realization of an impossible ideal.

Some hospitals in the United States, the diagnosis difficult to determine the specific food and chemical allergies 'environmental units' has been established. These units are places where air pollution is less, with an elaborate air conditioning system and is considered normal for most of us do not notice the air pollution is prevented by chemical substances. For example, newspapers and magazines, pieces of paper and ink yayabilecekleri into the air for a very small, is not allowed. Coal or gas used in heating. Because some people are sensitive to coal dust. Painted rooms, the walls are left empty for months to avoid the smell of paint. Food, tightly controlled and their products as organic, using no chemical fertilizers or sprays are provided training farms. Allergy expert visited the patient at home, can be found here, determine the chemical aiergenleri.

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