Ways AIDS Prevention Methods

AIDS Prevention Methods, Aids Prevention Ways

AIDS is an infectious hastalıktır.Âmili LAV / HTLV-III virus, sexual contact, blood and blood products, receipt of child and pregnant woman passes by inheritance. Pass the virus in Europe, especially in two ways:

a) as a result of contacts with gay men biribirleriyle,

b) toksikomanların vascular access needles and syringes for drug use as a result of joint use.
Europe is not yet very important heterosexual form of transition.
Today in Europe, 100 thousand people are estimated to be infected with this virus. AIDS disease is not known to retain much of them in the future. May occur later in the disease is not known how much time. However, according to estimates, ie, seropositive persons infected with various clinical forms of the disease can be kept over the years by 5-20 per cent is calculated.
Such infectious, indicating a high mortality rate and an increasing number of patients the disease is no doubt that the great importance of preventive medicine and public health. In many countries, so it was panic, urgent measures were requested. Besides the economic aspect of the disease are also important aspects of medical and very costly. You also need to calculate. For example, the costs of treating patients in the United States AlDS'li society is estimated to exceed $ 1.5 billion total cost of the measures taken.
One of the most important points in Europe, is to try to prevent the spread of the virus. For this purpose, on the one hand the people working on birtaraftan kitlelerieğitilmektedir toksikomanlar and homosexuals. First, some information is given to the public is necessary to prevent panic atmosphere. AIDS virus is a virus outside the body weak. Therefore,


EL SIKMAKLA, keeping the door knobs, toilet sitting, at the table with dinner not spread AIDS.

However, there are great benefits in taking the following measures.
Dear readers,
AlDS'den As you can see there are ways of prevention. Clean, careful and meticulous as many problems to live, to a large extent solves the problem of AIDS.

1. Homosexual and bisexual men, AIDS should be taught measures to reduce infection, announced.
2. Reducing the number of sexual partners should be to minimize the risk of infection is very effective in reducing.
3. Should be advised to use condoms during sexual intercourse.
4. Homosexual activity is no condition should be reduced. Similarly, oral-anal and oral-genital \ relations explained in the losses.
5. Tooth brush, shaver, such as sharing personal items should be noted that very objectionable.
6. Not share needles and syringes by injecting drug use tenbihlenmelidir toksikomanlara.
7. High-risk group of people, blood, plasma, and sperm donated transplant organs should be avoided.

1. Persons in LA V / HTLV-III virus antibody test done, before the consent should be taken.
2. Seropositive persons (male or female), sexual contact, blood and semen (semen) ways to spend the virus to other people when they said-melidir.Seropozitif pregnant women, infants doğuracakları explained that the risk of AIDS.
3. Descriptions of the sexual status of spouses should be reminded to them.
4. A condom during sexual contact should be advised.
5. Blood, plasma, sperm donation and to make other blood products should be avoided.
6. Items such as shaver and toothbrush with others, need to be told not to use.
7. Hospitals and other health facilities (especially cefrahi and dentistry), regardless of when they apply for any reason, people declare that they are seropositive against AIDS.
8. These people work to prevent the unnecessary.

1. People entering the high-risk groups (particularly homosexuals and toksikomanlar) blood should not be taken. AIDS virus, even without these, many other viruses and bacteria can be found in essentially.
2. ELISA test all blood received must be checked. Positive ones should be discarded.
3. LAV / HTLV-III virus, at least in societies where (for example in our country for now), would bring much with ELISA false-positive tests, positive in the blood of every other method (eg, VVestem blot technique) should be checked again.
4. People who have positive blood, the blood center or by any other organization should be aware of the situation, should help them. The presence of these people the symptoms of AIDS should be investigated through examination (lymph gland enlargement, oral thrush, weight loss, such as the presence of the Ka-posi's sarcoma). Mandatory notification of the Ministry of Health of People Showing signs of AIDS in our country.

1. Sexual contact with bisexual men and women with AIDS have a higher risk.
2. AIDS is more likely that women with sexual contact with male toksikomanlarla.
3. Life is in men with AIDS is more likely that contact between the women.
4. Although it is not absolute, the use of condoms reduces the amount of danger.

2. AlDS'lilere overlooking the hospital and laboratory personnel seropositivity (virus infection), no.
3. For patients in the hospital services on the other AlDS'lilerin danger.
4. However, some measures must be taken in hospitals. (Just as it is for patients, such as jaundice).

1. Avoid contact with other persons on the material from patients AlDS'li injury.
2. Instruments such as scissors and a scalpel used in patients AlDS'li Avoid touching other people.
3. AlDS'li patients blood, pus, secretions, and faeces of infected material should wear gloves before touching the surfaces.
4. However, it is likely to touch the contaminated materials must wear different uniforms.
5. Gowns and gloves are removed and the patient's room while AlDS'li hands should be washed thoroughly. If the patient's blood touched the hands should be washed again.
6. Before moving to the second blood samples of patients must be placed into a box or bag. Blood and other samples on the accrued containers should be placed in the name of AIDS.
7. Immediately smeared with blood everywhere 0.5% sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as a disinfectant must be deleted.
8. The patient's blood and other contaminated items and materials intact ifrazatıyla bags placed, with the demolition of the hospital are sent to other infected agents.
9. Patients with plastic syringes with needles be used and then discarded the glass syringes and metal devices are used, then should be sterilized.

1. Liquid material, and the blood of patients with mechanical pipetlemeyle AlDS'li be manipulated. Should not pipette by mouth.
2. Needles and syringes should be used as XV'deki ruler.
3. Gloves and special aprons, and laboratory should be used when working materyelle infected carefully removed and stored when they leave.
4. The staff's skin by wearing gloves, the patients infected with blood and fluids and materials that should protect them.
5. Laboratory tables, counters and other surfaces by sodium hypochlorite (0.2-0.5%) eriyiğiyle be deleted. Medical devices 25% ethanol (alcohol)
sterilze to be. Other material is sterilized with an autoclave is available.
6. The staff should wash their hands when jobs.

1.AİDS for the virus, including tears, against the possibility of contamination in this way, some measures may be required. Here, instructions, health care facilities is to prevent people from meeting. The person's home, deal with their own lens during the action required.
2. Patients, physicians and other personnel who examined her eyes, and then wash their hands before the inspection. Gloves to protect skin abrasions likely to be installed. Mask and do not need a special shirt.
3. Eye examination of the instruments used during the hound of 3% hydrogen peroxide for 10 minutes until the melt, or 0.5% sodium hypochlorite bleach diluted 10 times, or melt, or after being washed and used in 70% ethanol.
4. Hard contact lenses are used in the experiments, 80 degrees 10 minutes, kept clean. Soft lenses are cleaned with a special hydrogen peroxide melt.

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