Aids Disease What are the Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About AIDS

AIDS is only homosexuals and drug users of a specific disease?

No. HIV can be transmitted in the opposite sex to people who set up a normal relationship. Both homosexuals and sex in Western societies illness more prevalent among men who set up the relationship. But Africa's central, eastern and southern regions of the opposite sex Antilles virus usually transmitted through intercourse. Stats opposite sex relationship in the coming years will be the main mode of transmission is on the mark.

How to make sure infection does not have the spouse shall be established sexual relationship?

Strictly speaking, knows nothing. Experts and himself during the last ten years, as well as his wife may be comfortable in this regard the opinion that people who maintained monogamous sexual life. Blood tests give negative results close to certain extent is a reliable indicator, but the absence of antibodies in the blood of infected persons, have not carried by the negative results of blood tests may also not be forgotten.

Do condoms provide adequate protection against the virus during sexual intercourse?

Secure protection from sexual intercourse is identical to the final. These conditions occur where thick type or double-condom can provide adequate protection. But there is still a definite protection. Condom use is one-tenth of the possibility of contamination can be said that hath.

The virus can be transmitted during the ear piercing?

Infected. To date there is a case of the virus have been reported infected in this way. But ear piercing, acupuncture, tattoo sterile needles should be used, such as transactions.

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