AIDS Factor

Aids Disease agent of this disease, AIDS When to Appear

Is the cause of AIDS, is known for?

Yes. A special type of virus were isolated from patients with AIDS retroviruses. Like all viruses, retroviruses are not alone in their assimilation capabilities growing living organisms. Retroviruses in humans, scientists until 1980, but had discovered the thought that only animals.

Agent of AIDS, the body is doing what?

The virus, first the central control of body defense system, entering the body of T-cells and macrophages to destroy the foreign body is infested. Macrophages are a part of the interior of his illness or taking sindirebilmektedir factor. AIDS factor that makes this such a dangerous immune system becomes unable to fulfill the task of blind, lame koymasıdır leave. Insidious virus in the human brain is a feature easily overcoming a barrier that protects the disease factors. Thus, damage to brain cells suffers. This settled the virus to cells, impairing their genetic features grow and prevents them to perform normal functions.

AIDS is the name of agent?

HIV. Previously used names such as LAV and HTLV III, the World Health Organization in Geneva by the WHO decision rendered by that name. HIV is an acronym in English. On the spelling of the Human-lmmuno Deficiency Virus, human immune system as a destructive virus.

LAV and HTLV III, is due from the abbreviations?

AIDS independently and at roughly the same factor of two scientists who discovered their own definitions. Enstütüsü'nden Luc Montagnier of the Pasteur lymph-denopatisi, that the AIDS-rence of typical symptoms, has found a male patient with this new disease agent, "the next Lymphadenopathie Assozii-Virus" LAV, lymphadenopathy clarkson created virus, named. Robert Gallo of the National Cancer Institute in the United States is faced with leukemia factor for disease research, and then realized that it is the cause of AIDS. Factor in certain cells of the body the lymphatic system, that detects T-cells, HTLV III, the "T-Cell Lymphotropes Humanes virus," he called.

How and where does the agent is known to occur?

In this regard such assumptions. This is the first time ever where the disease occurs is not fully match. Encountered the disease in Africa for the first time in the opinion unclear. African green monkeys, a species of ape called on the people is still only an assumption in the past.

The virus can not be produced in a laboratory is working on gene technology?

No. Playing on the virus genes that produce a complex Virologların think would be a dream too extreme. Although this assumption will be moving, must consider the virus has been obtained before the year 1975. Because of the frozen blood samples back to 1975 on the serological tests have proved the existence of AIDS and the disease factor investigated. Scientists are beginning today will bring in new viruses, according to the stage that they are not, no no it is not feasible before the year is 1975. Aydınlatılmadan exactly this type of factor in the emergence of doubts will be considered. When the researchers reach the conclusion about the doubt. Not know exactly where they occur today, such as syphilis agent.

Do you have different people that make up the AIDS virus?

Yes. So far, two factors were determined. The second factor, a short time ago two scientists from the Swedish and French West Africa, perform blood tahlillerinde emerged. The second virus is similar to the HlV'a. HIV-1 HIV-2 is named for ayırdedilebilmesi.

HIV-2 virus appeared where?

West African countries and the West Africans at risk of this virus are present, encountered in the relationship is known. The prevalence of HIV-II virus in the world, will be determined as a result of ongoing research.

HIV-II virus infected a German citizen, is there?

Yes. This was a woman infected with West African partner. Two people were also infected in Frankfurt. The way in which two people were infected with clarified. Nevertheless, this type of virus prevalence in German society is won. Investigating the tests applied to 120 people in Munich and HIV II virus was found positive results.

Agent of AIDS, how does it spread?

The three main ways of transmission: through blood transmission: where infected, the virus that must be mixed with the blood circulatory system. For example, the drug addicts using common syringes, or the fall of 1985, ahead of other ways, such as the use of untested blood can get infected easily.
Sexual intercourse: usually small and inconspicuous wounds and body fluids carrying the virus resembles the circulation. New research in women more determined way to a second infection. Virus is transmitted, even if women vagina mucosa unscathed. From mother to child: during pregnancy, during birth or through breast-feeding later.

Which body fluids are dangerous?

Virus is present in high concentration in the blood and sperm fluids. High concentrations of virus in breast milk were determined. The body fluids of infected are dangerous.

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