Aids with the saliva, sweat, urine, tears Relations, Aids Prevention

How much saliva is a virus?

Sperm, blood and breast milk compared to the very small amount of virus found tükrükte. Some items of research in the United States in half an hour in saliva were found to nature AIDS lethal factor.

Tears, urine and sweat What is the situation?

Tears virus concentration is so low that to be able to detect an average of 2 Push. tears are needed. Processing large amounts of urine and faeces, but when subjected to the presence of the agent can be determined. Very small amount of sweat in the etiologic agents of disease encountered. These amounts are impossible to reach a daily average values ​​are not considered to play a role as a source of infection.

Saliva, urine or faeces of infection when it dangerous?

Feces, urine or saliva into the bloodstream of someone else is dangerous mix.

Virus enters the body, it is important to do what?

Yes. We know that the majority of infectious diseases, but the disease is taken into the body cause a certain amount of disease occurs. This amount is called the dose of infection. This dose varies in different diseases. Many studies show that the amount of virus associated with AIDS from the danger of being infected. Very few diseases cause the body when the immune system is thought many will not give up so easily.

Risk groups, such as being continuous. Who is under threat of being infected with HIV?

First, frequent co-changing gay men and drug addicts do not use their own disposable Injector AIDS in position to be caught quickly. Users of untested blood products and the people who live in countries with widespread AIDS virus (and Karayib'dekiler certain sections of Africa, etc.) are under threat. This is close to members of the artist in relation to sexual risk group, those who belong to the same. These days it is not possible to limit the risk groups and the danger. Because of these risk groups, stemming from infection through sexual intercourse with other couples in the pairs with the same change has spread like a snowball grows.

I do not belong to risk groups, considered to what extent the security?

Danger of contamination by germs, but are not limited to the risk group. Be a risk or danger of a situation in daily life to a relationship with a sign that the negativity. For example, condom may have had sexual intercourse with a person carrying the infection. Therefore, he developed a discourse: AIDS does not give anyone, is the human himself.

Anyone caught AIDS?

Yes. If you are not sure your partner is not one hundred percent of patients with disease will provide you with unprotected sexual intercourse.

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