Tests and Testing for HIV Aids Symptom

AIDS test is investigated?

Test, examination of the bodies defense against the etiologic agents of AIDS antibodies in the blood of a person whether searches.

AIDS disease, AIDS is really the test that determines a test?

No, no AIDS test. For everyday use, it is expressed. In fact, this test must be considered as antibody test. Because the test determines whether there is any person's AIDS patients. Showing the destruction of the immune system, but this is a team doctor will decide by the signs of the disease. The test person, the body of the AIDS virus, that person's blood, however, immediately belirleyememekte antibody against the virus occurs, the test can be a position to respond. For this reason, the test is actually called "Antibody Test" is.

When is the earliest it would be right to have antibody test?

Suggesting that the risk of exposure to risk of infection at the earliest four to six weeks after the bodies defense against germs in the body to create antibodies that require at least this much time. The test will respond according to the induced antibodies.

Considered dangerous in a relationship, you made ​​six weeks after the antibody test result is negative, Can I get a breath of comfort?

In general, yes. Very few human antibody formation due to their genetic characteristics take longer. To date, some people even though measurable amounts of antibody formation in rare cases were prolonged up to twelve months. This antibody test in order to eliminate the small possibility of a six-month and one year later a good idea to yineletmek.

Spent the test of a disease or medical intervention may inadvertently cause negative consequences?

Yes. Medical reasons for negative tests may result in accidentally. Severe chronic diseases such as cancer, or treatment methods that affect the immune system (cytostatics, irradiation, corticosteroids and drugs to prevent rejection of organ transplantation), the test may lead to misleading results. In these cases, in order to treat the body's defense system is under pressure. Although the antibody in the body unable to take microbe. Applied to such a person may test negative result. The antibody formation during pregnancy may be delayed.

The conclusion of a negative HIV antibody test II of this second factor also indicates that negative?

Yes. Used to determine the presence of the agent in a test of both the modern

Is there a test that detects the second factor?


When this test is necessary?

West Africans in sexual intercourse, or those with them a common injector used in this test is necessary.

Although the AIDS virus in my blood there is there likely to test positive?

Yes. Such false-positive test results have nothing to do with AIDS may be caused by antibodies. Infectious jaundice, tuberculosis, those with chronic inflammation, and allergy in patients with rheumatic disease may have a situation like this. You can create a false alarm at pre-made blood transfusions. Homeopathy anti rheumatic drugs, or may lead to the same conclusion.

Risky immediately after contact with a test that shows whether the person had the virus is there?

Until now, such a test is not available.

Such a test is important why?

Such a test shall determine whether there is a direct AIDS virus in the body, not the formation of antibodies that lasted for weeks. Today's case until the completion of the formation of antibody-negative results when testing the blood of infected people contain the virus to others propagator.

To date, only the possibility of identifying the virus bulunamamış Is

Was found, but it is very difficult, time consuming and expensive methods are. Virus in the laboratory to produce a special feed is required. Produce the virus samples taken from a sample of blood or lymph node, a negative antibody test result indicates that even if the infected person.

What is the baseline test?

Basal testing, antibody testing is the name of the other. This test is carried out when the result of reactive or doubtful given this name creates other basic investigations.

What is the screening test?

This test is also a type of antibody test adlandırmasıdır. Title explains the purpose of the test. Antibody in the blood of infected persons are intended to determine the call. This test is also alone is not enough. Reactive test results give an uninfected person, so this could result in error in this test.

What is the confirmation test?

Antibody test, a test for confirming the other. Thus, the test resulting inaccuracies are corrected.

When the confirmation test is necessary?

Reactive antibody test, the conclusion that there is time to do a real AIDS infection (confirmation), some proteins in the blood or cause a positive result olırjuştur, this should be investigated. Dangerous event that could cause contamination over a longer period of six weeks have passed and the test result if certain negative test does not need approval. Of course, at this time güçsüzleştirilmesi immune system, such as medical interventions should not be the case. These questions are not pre-test should be illuminated.

What is Viestern-Blot?

Reactive test results is a method used to verify the check test.

What is Immunofluoresan test?

This is a method of reactive test results sınandığı confirmation test.

Are there any suspicious circumstances can be considered the test results?

Yes. In these cases, the test is repeated until a definitive conclusion contact placing the baby.

AIDS infection, normal blood and urine test shows itself?

No. AIDS virus antibody test, but determined. Applied to routine laboratory procedures needed for the vehicles, equipment and material not available. But if there is an AIDS patient infected person's blood, compared to a healthy person's blood values ​​vary.

Do not understand me, infected with germs without the test?

It is not possible. Eight to ten days after entry of the virus into the body, some symptoms occur. Lymph nodes in evidence, some of the debris can be seen on the surface of the body and sometimes a little fire can also be added to them. But these people are usually the first symptoms are hard to overlook the extent suspicious dimmed.

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