Questions About Disease Symptoms Aids, Aids Symptoms

Acute symptoms of AIDS virus infection may be another reason entirely?

Yes. Non-fatal diseases such as AIDS or other infections sometimes show the same symptoms. Foci of infection (inflamed teeth, unhealthy tonsils) may cause similar symptoms. However, the common pronunciation table is a disease that causes stir as it also called the kissing disease, infectious mononükleozdur. To assess each symptom of disease in favor of the existing great fear of AIDS is caused. Only lymph nodes gözlenecek growth should not cause panic.

The virus carrying the other external, are indistinguishable appearance?

Indistinguishable. The disease is reflected in external appearance, but when you lay out a table itself. For example, the so-called blue-purple düğümcükler Kaposi's sarcoma of the skin occurs, or as soon as people know when a large weight loss is very easy to discern visually.

Increasing resistance to many pharmacies, there are booster drugs. They can reduce chances of transmission of the virus?

No. To date, substantially strengthening the body resistance to germs that may interfere with the infection bulanamamıştır an additional drug. This situation also applies to other infections. Ensures that only vaccine to prevent infection. This is accomplished so far for AIDS.

Is the AIDS virus have come out positive, but the test of synonyms?

Yes. A positive test result means that the blood of antibodies against the AIDS virus has occurred. This is proof that the person infected.

People with AIDS, AIDS patients have received is the difference between bug?

Caught the disease in every person's body does not mean that the disease factor. The proliferation of germs enter the body means to be infected. The body's defense system does not have the power to kill the AIDS virus in human blood and body secretions is thought that the virus for life. And signs of illness may not necessarily AIDS.

In AIDS patients, the virus destroys a person who has the power to the organism koyabildiği out. The body's defense system was damaged so large that the patient's ability to protect against all disease agents is obsolete. Cope with the disease indicates that many. For example, lung infections, fungal infections, cancer, mental depression and neurological diseases.

Is every person infected with AIDS, the disease is caught?

Scientists have infected people are not in consensus on how much of the AIDS patient may have. The time between becoming infected with the disease, the table of the emergence of a decade or longer to complete.

This numerical confusion stems from?

Weight estimates that more than ever. The number of people carrying the virus in the world is not known exactly dayanılmaktadır imprecise figures. Made up of people carrying the virus and they are observed only between groups hastalananlar determined. These studies also takes a long time.

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