Incubation Circuit AIDS, Aids Disease

The incubation period we understand what the word?

The capture of germs into the body of this word to define the time interval between the first appearance of disease symptoms.

Unprotected sex with people infected with AIDS or for the use of syringes with a common first symptoms of the disease (night sweats, lymph nodes, growth, neurological signs) have been seen passing through the incubation period.

How long is the incubation period of AIDS?

Can be seen six months after the conquest of disease germs. This time, sometimes eight, nine months, even decades may take up to four years after. Örneklersek syphilis, this period an average of three weeks. Waist cold in one to three days, three weeks until soft chancre and typhus, tuberculosis, a longer period of time, rabies is a prolonged period covered by the two-week incubation period up to one year.

Is there an incubation period of AIDS is a circuit mean?

Current observations of the germ is usually ten to fifteen years after the conquest of disease has emerged. The incubation period is not possible to talk about average for a period of time. Because the disease is very low for a while tanıyalı case in the past.

AIDS virus depends on what the arrest of the person's illness?

This is the usual power of microbe defense system depends on more people. Next state is also important that the conquest of germs. Get caught up in other infectious diseases, smoking, drug addiction, poor diet, alcohol, insomnia, such as being in a negative way of life in the emergence of the disease predisposing factors.

The typical symptoms of the disease to begin with have the virus is there between the circuit?

Yes. AIDS virus damages the immune system occurs in areas not yet suffered a table showing the disease mainly found in some of the changes. This process defines the different abbreviations used: ARC, or LAS Pre AIDS (pre-AIDS), such as.

What is LAS?

LAS, lymphadenopathy syndrome (lymph nodes grew illness) is a shortened form. French researchers, the most typical symptom of lymph nodes is a significant growth of the opinion that this interim process.

What is ARC?

ARC, 'AlDS-related complex "in abbreviated form. Başgös-Teren immune deficiency due to AIDS infection definitions.

The capture of the virus, which complaints with the actual disease process between the head table of the emergence of shows?

Lymph nodes remain enlarged for a long time such as LAS and ARC'da, insidious fever, night sweats, weight loss and skin rashes are due to uncertain.

Find the person appears to have symptoms of the virus of AIDS is the process that this person will come in the table that mean that the disease is absolutely essential?

ARC and LAS, may continue for years or even longer. This search process is going to live after the body identifies the cause of AIDS refers to the format.

AIDS is noticeable how?

Confuse the symptoms of AIDS, there are also some other diseases. There are no characteristic symptoms of this disease may be called so. But you still should consider the following symptoms of AIDS:

Person feels herself constantly tired and plants,
Study felt a significant decrease in power at the workplace;
In such a short time, significant weight loss (more than four weeks to lose weight, such as ten percent)
Night clothes will change dramatically terliyorsa,
At least four weeks to two lymph node growth felt for a long time;
Long-lasting diarrhea happens;
AIDS is not found signs of this disease should be considered another cause.

AIDS is the table?

Medical men of all AIDS agent of disease posed by destroying the power of giving this name. When the AIDS virus, HIV disease presenting the body defense cells in the control center of the T-Helper cells have a very damaged condition. The only power the immune system to fight the virus has been shattered. The patient remained unprotected against other disease agents.

When the AIDS disease presenting what other diseases are found in this table?

Opportunistic infections, specific tumors (Kaposi's sarcoma) and neurological symptoms occur.

What is opportunistic infection?

Opportunist (opportunistic) infections, the infections that occur as the body's immune system due to impoverishment. The immune system is strong to deal with this disease and may be easily. Infectious agents that are harmless to healthy people.

Statement of opportunistic infections in AIDS, which are found?

Carinii'nin lung infections caused by Pneumocystis,
Mouth, pharynx, esophagus, which affects white cotton field view (candida), yeast infections may spread to the whole body.
Single-cell kriptosporların defecation twenty times a day is enough to cause severe diarrhea, diarrhea that can last for weeks.
Herpes zoster (shingles),
Recurrent herpes simplex (cold sores), infections,
Genital warts, or skin that appears suddenly emerged papillomas caused by viruses.

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