AIDS Statement : What is Kaposi's sarcoma?

AIDS Statement

What is Kaposi's sarcoma?

Skin cancer is a type of a cancer-like. In fact, to be deformed as a result of tiny blood vessels under the skin may occur and the appearance of brown-purple areas gain. They would bring in little bruised bleeding should not be confused. Kaposi's sarcoma can appear in one place or all the skin, oral mucosa, digestive organs of the genital (sex) organs show up everywhere to cover the spread (dissemination)

Neurological and psychological symptoms of AIDS which is the statement?

This situation is kept, and to what extent damage to brain cells by the AIDS virus is associated with uğratıldığı. There are some of the complaints related to the vision of patients with AIDS; seeing in them the ability to be losers. Kontsantrasyon disorder, attention deficit, pain, and adjustment disorder are among the symptoms.

AİDS'Ii how much a person can live?

Can not talk about a certain period of time. All symptoms of the disease after the occurrence of the disease course of life, depends on the fight against emerging infections. Many AIDS patients who lose their lives because of opportunistic infections in three to five years.

AIDS patients in the hospital should remain constant?

No. But for the patients diagnosed, or conditions requiring intensive care in the hospital go to bed substantially ağırlaştığında.

AIDS patients can look at home?

Yes. Not allowing her familiar environment as long as the patient's status should ağırlaşmadığı. Will assume the maintenance of foreign aid or care for relatives or friends should be continued at home.

Is not there a way to improve the AIDS disease?

Currently, no. In many laboratories around the world, companies, research institutes make in this regard. However, many drugs have been tried on patients in poor condition. A small number of immune-system booster drug, the patient's overall status as a partial corrective effect was observed. But AIDS patients, yet the strength of the defense constantly correcting body, back into a healthy döndürebilen found a drug or treatment method.

Improvement of the methods are tested for?

The most promising treatment Azidotimidin "AZT" with the achievements obtained. Despite the successful results with interferon in some cases the disease mechanism of action of the drug fully elucidated.

What are the problems encountered in treatment?

Sokamamanın enough reasons to use a lot of these promising drugs in large quantities is not yet possible to üretilmelerinin, or treatment, the kidneys, liver or blood fluidity gerekmesidir discontinuation due to side effects of severe harm. Meanwhile, very few have been able to reach a dose of the same treatment to the success of this treatment, we found significantly fewer side effects. To date, promising many things as possible, with less severe side effects than AZT and Dideoxycytidin DDC'nin improvements will serve as the light of hope.

Typically encountered in the treatment of some diseases, AIDS table Is there a possibility?

Yes. The treatment of common diseases with severe AlDS'de positive results can be achieved. Factor is important to determine exactly where the doctor and the disease appears. For example, patients with severe diarrhea amoebae migrating agent, or kryptosporidler ayırdedilerek is important to turn to treatment. It is possible that the correct drug selection, which affects treatment success.

AlDS'de dangerous lung infection common preventable?

Yes. A new drug, "pentamidine", people with weakened immune system is an important drug for the prevention of this special lung infection. The inhaler is used and applied to a form of medication at home. Systematic medical supervision still required.

What can be done for the treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma?

Kaposi's sarcoma, cancer, nodules, cancer, use of spots of laser and iyileştirilebilmektedir various drugs. AIDS patients out of these formations or when they get more than they realize. I like that aesthetic surgery is a large reason as well be reconciled.

When will the vaccine against the etiologic agents of AIDS?

Is no one definitive answer to this question is impossible to give. Bağışıklayacak body against AIDS by spending money in a significant amount of substance in many bilimadamınca investigation. WHO, World Health Organization to proceed without delay to implement such a substance is found immediately in front of the bureaucracy and the organization seeks to eliminate barriers. Who, where and when to carry out this invention? Now we can do is just wait and try to protect ourselves to the danger of contagion.

Many have a vaccine. Why is it so hard to produce a vaccine against sickness era?

The difficulty of carrying the disease agent is due to a very sinister features. AIDS virus (HIV) frequently to replace the outer shell, the shell forming building blocks of protein, just like a chameleon changes color constantly adds new regulations. With these features are similar to AIDS virus. Of course, AIDS virus, influenza virus is dangerous to be even compared.

AIDS does not change parts of its recognition factor antibody capture, so it must yönelebilmesi. The common feature of AIDS virus to produce a vaccine that is not possible without the building blocks of protein. These investigations may take too long. Therefore, these studies are being developed in parallel with other ideas: to prevent the entry of the virus to cells is to stop up holes in cell membranes. Thus, the agent required to prevent any possibility of reproduction.

AIDS, plague, cholera or tuberculosis comparable?

No. There are safe ways of protection from infectious diseases compared to those with AIDS. The plague and tuberculosis by breathing in germs from the air can be taken. No one has a sick person's cough, or just talking hapşırmasını prevent. Cholera factor is expelled with feces. Poor hygiene conditions, this factor can be mixed waters. No one ever flowing tap water is not possible to check whether the agent of cholera. Drinking water is contaminated, cholera person's own protection is not possible. As agent of AIDS, tuberculosis and plague or cholera, as droplet infection and does not fall into the body through drinking water. AIDS virus cause disease, but the function of blood mixed with the winner. This unprotected sex, drug addicts and common use of syringes is possible with the use of untested blood products. Since the autumn of 1985 blood samples tested in this transmission path is prevented all canned. Infected through sexual route, or taking used syringes must protect ourselves.

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