AIDS is a sexual disease?

No. Veneryen diseases such as AIDS, gonorrhea style and way of sexual intercourse and sexual intercourse with the outside bulaşmakla transmitted disease. Used syringes and blood products, as mentioned. Issued July 23, 1957 in West Germany for the fight against sexual diseases, the law recognizes the following four disease veneryen disease: style, gonorrhea (gonorrhea), ulcus molle (soft chancre), veneryen lymph chancre, lenfgranüloma venereum or inguinal). Transported through sexual intercourse and other diseases' of sexual intercourse and carrying diseases, "the name of the receive. These are fungal infections, trikomonaslar, hepatitis B, genital herpes, and finally the AlDS'dir klamidyalar.

Is AIDS an epidemic?

Yes. A clear definition of the epidemic is not very scientific, more a historical concept. Many people fall prey to a sudden severe outbreak of an infectious disease is mentioned.

Is AIDS a pandemic?

Yes. Communicable disease from country to country, is spread from one continent to sözedilir pandemic. For example, pandemic influenza can also.

The patient is determined how the number of people in Germany?

Doctors in Berlin on the instructions of the Ministry of Health Ministry of Health of the sick persons are required to notify the center. Sick people in different places at different times to apply to such physicians may be aware of the figures-which mirror the statistics wrong. Nevertheless, we have a statistic that will be accepted up and down significantly.

What is the conclusion from the number of people infected in Germany?

Today, people with illness in people who have infected an average of eight to ten years ago. The number of those arrested is going ten to fifteen years before the disease in Germany reflects the average rate of AIDS infection. The following years, a strong increase in the number of hastalananların expected. Today's rate of infection will clear itself after five to ten years. Katladığı is important here is the number of patients in two self-standing. While the half year, rose a few months until the beginning of this period, 1990 Aralığı'nda twelve months showed an increase in the rising. We hope this continuation of the slowdown.

Suppose you have a successful fight against the disease. When these results are reflected in the statistics?

The earliest of five and ten years later. Whether the statistics reflected a decrease in the number of those caught AIDS.

Two times the duration of the output is the significance?

This is a disease, epidemic disease, while the first two times the increase in the number of those arrested gösterince-up to last time. Which represents a measure of the epidemic has spread rapidly. To AIDS a few months at the beginning of this period, because the number of those patients is very torn. Two-fold increase in ten months, the disease was found in October 1986.

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