Aids in the Workplace Hazard

Can also be caught trying to AIDS in the workplace? This question suggests that those responsible for the conscious workplace. At the same time colleagues also suggest that workers in non-selection mode. Pandemic fear of his life at work difficult. A gay chef in the workplace and workers' representatives asked for the antibody test with negative results by the study itself by finding the Munich agreement contrary to the Labour Court has applied.

Except for those members of medicine in the occupational groups under the threat of AIDS is very low.

Caught many people need to work as a hand. Need to change my behavior because of AIDS?

No. Your hands can not reach you with the theme of danger. Sweat until now there has been a virus. Secreted through the skin and the skin on the theme of active virus into the blood can not reach. So you touched even if sweaty hands can not be harmful.

Beauty Professional. When dealing with clients' skin care, manicure, or having some minor bleeding. Am I in danger of AIDS?

If your skin wound are not in danger. Fresh in your hands, use gloves if you have not closed the wound. Ethyl alcohol blood in your hand gets sore, even if your hands or use a disinfectant containing chlorine. Effective disinfection in medical institutions and pharmacies can find out the names of agents on the market.

Is the person will automatically accept the work force had lost the AIDS virus?

No. There is no reason for people not working with virus carrier. This time it may take ten years or longer.

My colleague is talking style tükrüklerini throws. I have to be troubled?

No. Contamination with saliva droplets splashing out of question. However, with these people to kiss, kiss the cheek will not pose a problem. AlDS'li way to get infected is the same as a colleague: unprotected sexual intercourse with this person or use a common syringe.

Used in conjunction with this virus can be transmitted through the phone?

No. People carrying the virus with the same articles, use the telephone handset does not create a problem. Using the same goods through contact infection, droplet infection, may use the same handset. AIDS transmission routes are not available for this virus.

On duty to clean the toilets. Used condoms in the elimination of my job. What is the risk of AIDS infection to me during my business?

If you use rubber gloves are not in danger. Gloves do not use toilet cleaners AlDS'den too are at risk of developing other diseases transmissible through feces. Therefore, gloves should be used. The wound must have obtained the use of gloves.

Animals for sale alongside my shop other monkey species in the "green monkey" in the so-called type maintains. I mentioned one of my customers, or is there danger of animal virus by bite?

No. Initially, this assumption has played a major role in AIDS research and had created quite a sensation. But proven. New research in human immune deficiency virus, the cause of this type of monkey which bore the same features identified with the disease agent. This type of monkey is a member of the family of the virus retrovirus. In Germany, the monkey species tested, then of course maintained by the rays of many AIDS virus, there has been a German citizen.

Have intervened in your client's skin, acne, or other disorders. Is there a danger of contagion?

Yes. Rugged leather protection does its job. Fresh wound in your hand, cracks, scratches if any attempt. This occurred despite attempted contact with the wound and blood, the blood contains alcohol or chlorine disinfect with a disinfectant.

AIDS virus carriers or patients at risk of a person who Is massage therapists apply?

No. Contact with the skin does not risk contamination of the skin.

I'm eating lunch in the canteen. Suppose there is a carrier or service is doing is preparing other food. Can I in danger?

No, the AIDS virus will not be the body through foods. The virus can not stand high temperatures required for cooking. Salad, bread and cold dishes, the waiter does not need to worry, even if awkwardly daldırsa finger plate. The virus in the blood and sperm fluid nesting die very quickly. The number of virus infection of the disease in this way will not be sufficient. Vinegar in salad dressing is a substance that the virus inflicts damage.

These comments cups, forks, spoons, knives Is valid for?


An increase in respiratory tract infections in the winter season. Many other public transport vehicles axis, coughs. Is there a danger of AIDS?

Absolutely not. Sneezing, that is, through droplet infection, colds, flu, or other factors that can infect the respiratory tract infection. But the cause of AIDS bulaşamaz in this way. AIDS is not a droplet infection.

In charge of cleaning the hotel rooms hizmetçiyim. Been changing in the sperm or blood-stained linen. What should I observe? Can I in danger?

No. Can not enter the body through skin contact factor. Sexual intercourse, blood or mixed together to get through the microbe in question. In the human body other than HIV cause AIDS die rapidly. The hotel staff, but the fresh blood or semen on the bedding in the hands dokunurlarsa endangered open wound fluid. Despite these explanations still use restless gloves.

Very polluted and have to take a shower at work. Used to infect a partner shower disease?

No. Etiologic agents of AIDS so far, there has been sweat. The virus dies quickly flowing water, cleaning agents like soap or even cause of AIDS is very unstable. Flushed with water pressure in the shower, body plenty of chances can not be any entry of the virus into the body. But this way, for example, athlete's foot is not a power grab at all.

Are the door handles are considered to be a source of contamination?

No. Carrier risk of infection does not mean people who touch the same objects.

One dead there. Police data center environment, the person is homosexual, AIDS carries a suspicion is reported. In such a case the police officer must take special measures to protect itself Is

The person in question does not touch the dead can not talk about the danger. AIDS virus is a virus carried by air. Dead sperm stained with blood and dead touching case the police should use gloves.

How do I have to stay in touch a dead foreign should be protected?

Foreign dead must be handled with disposable gloves.

AIDS disease than those killed or what other measures need to touch the need to apply?

Other measures were the state health ministry. Organizations belonging to the ministry of health information available in your area.

Guard carrier bitten by a prisoner of fear. Can such a case, disease?

Will cause bleeding, even when such a bite is very little danger. Because salivary are very few viruses, the infected person to an amount that's worth. Disinfect the wound to be secured immediately. So far the disease by biting an infected case certainly has not been reported.

Nurses and laboratorians engaged continuous blood. Risk of AIDS for people in this great director?

These people not only with the threat of AIDS, infectious hepatitis B liver infections and non A non B hepatitis in the face of danger. These diseases bulaşmaktadırlar through the blood.

How protected from the danger of contamination of the nurses and laboratorians?

This is primarily used in the profession who demonstrate care treatments, hand tear, scratches and other wounds, there is not need to pay attention. Contact with infected blood enters the body through wounds that occur when the cause of AIDS. Hemorrhagic transactions gloves should be used. Done detailed instructions given to them, these people with security protection.

A syringe needle is used with a doctor or a nurse injured people carrier. What extent Hazard?

Although the United States and Europe, research has shown that the degree of fear in this situation there is of course the danger of infection.
AIDS carrier, the sinking of the syringe into the hands of more than a thousand doctors, nurses, were infected with germs. The seven other syringe only once, but multiple times within a few days injured. Very tragic story of a British nurse in them:
AIDS patients take a blood sample from the amazement of the nurse injector nozzle tip his hand yaralamasının self syringe all contaminated blood.

Wounded with a needle infected. What should I do?

You have to disinfect the wound immediately with kanatmalı and appropriate disinfectants.

Medical personnel from duty during the AIDS infection is regarded as an occupational disease?

Yes. Health professional unions contamination event occurs during the implementation of AIDS as an occupational disease of the profession agree. For example, a needle infected with the injury.

You encounter such a situation are not taken immediately set infection until antibody test by having the event and the immediate situation, please notify the health professional union.

In Six weeks after the antibody test, antibodies Whether the infection would prove to be checked. This test yielded negative results in three months and six months after the incident, repeated the test. But the question whether there is contamination so that it is finalized.

AIDS patients cared for at home. Is the nurse in danger?

Wash, feed, temperature measurement, such as jobs requiring no contact with the normal hand. If you need to take blood or do nurse needle, needle used in a very careful and should show self-injure. The people who want to act more rigorous disinfection of alcoholic substances or Sagrotanla wash their hands regularly. The patient has lost otokontrolünü the carer is unable to control urination and dışkılamasını should use gloves when changing bedding.

Ebeyim. While on amniotic fluid, blood, body secretions such as feces and temastayım. How do I korumalıyım?

Whatever the logic, use gloves. Germany currently has very little AlDS'li pregnant. San Francisco, the situation is vice versa. There are birth midwives and auxiliary staff of maternity ward with a positive test result from the mother takes special measures for the island. Staff of the birth of Moses Professor Grossmann themselves in a congress in Munich mouth mask, gloves and goggles to prevent splashing of blood using a protecting described.

Dental teknisyeniyim. Carrier received from a person in danger is running on the model I was prepared mph?

Wash thoroughly with water can be at ease in the measure before the start of the study.

Elemanıyım First Aid. Yaptırıyorum often artificial respiration. How can I protect myself?

Mouth to mouth artificial respiration should not be applied directly. Unconscious person's mouth with a sterile plastic dudaklarınızla between your own or put your own mendilinizi. Thus, the carrier can avoid contact with the person you saliva. The danger is very reduced. Blood unless the injured person's mouth, artificial respiration for the AIDS virus have built yet on person.

Scrape or scratch on my lips when making artificial respiration if there is increased danger?

Yes. Especially the blood coming from the mouth of the victim, there may be contamination from the blood into the blood. In this case, to avoid direct contact with respiratory device should be used.

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