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Leisure time, people turned to the purpose of life is very healthy. In many places people can do sports after work, a squash center, tennis grounds, body-building rooms, prefer to relax after going to the sauna. Buralardaki close body contact sports enthusiasts in the ambition of many shadow decreases. These places are easily susceptible agent places Is AIDS? AlDS'li a high percentage of holiday countries, for example, Kenya is faced with cancellation of bookings. The virgin forests of Africa's many tourist fotosafarilere imrenerek not looking anymore. Because of dangerous species of ape, or are afraid of mosquitoes through the kapmaktan disease. Some people, especially families with children in their homes by their suspicion was to review the status of cats and dogs. Frequently the suspects went to the restaurant waiter and barmeninden. One of the Christian tradition "Abendmahl" is also thought-provoking. Protestants have continued this tradition-specific approach should not ask the common drinking cup.

Those in doubt about what exactly has any knowing usually anxious themselves. Missed the enjoyment of leisure-time evaluation, pushing thoughts of doubt most of us is meaningless. Very few sporting types will cause a bleeding wound occurs. What types of sports we can do without fear, this section provides information about when we will be in danger.

AIDS can infect a public swimming pool?

No. Public swimming pools are disinfected in doubt. This disinfection is not just AIDS, also taking into account many other factors are more resistant to disease. If you want to be sure of the exact information, please be responsible for pool.

Is this disinfection process controlled?

Yes. Generally, the staff of the Ministry of Health. These people take water samples on a regular basis and make necessary checks. Pond disinfection procedures must also be kept recorded in a notebook. These notebooks can draw attention to irregularities authorities apply strict control.

Is all the swimming pools inspected?

Open to the public, charge a fee for access to the pools the answer is yes. Private swimming pools, for example, those belonging to clubs are not subject to control.

Open to the public thermal pools (hot springs), AIDS virus can be taken?

No. This is open to the public swimming pools as well as the other pools are required to be disinfected. If you have concerns, please contact responsible person.

Is there a danger of disease transmission in the sauna or steam baths?

No. Will kill the virus is able to heat the sauna or steam baths. Over 56 ° C, HIV (AIDS agent) dies.

Is there a clear danger to the public beaches?

No. Minimizes the possibility of such a large mass of sea water. Person enters the sea, even with an open wound contact with wound microplate come a very extreme possibility. Therefore, a theoretical danger, but in this case can be mentioned.

Christian tradition, "Abendmahl'de olabilirini infectious virus used in the dish?

No. Glass and food contamination occurred so far did not reveal the use of joint teams. Protestant churches of other infectious diseases that can infect through the mouth to avoid turning to drink a glass of drink or Agitate the concept developed. Can not talk about the danger of AIDS.

Pets can be carriers of AIDS?

No. To date, spontaneous or experimental purposes is extremely dangerous for pets of people infected by the AIDS virus has not been possible. Viruses, other organisms, but can survive in the human body.

The causes of the disease to spread more quickly after the development of modern air transport is mentioned shows. Do you have jets, sources of infection?

No. Increasing opportunities for social contact with fly, especially for holidays. People are talking to each other, hand sıkışıyorlar, or kiss each other on the cheek konduruyorlar. Meals eaten together, perhaps the same glass is inside the toilet, come here, used the same headset. None of them are not dangerous. But of course, share a risk with unprotected aircraft reach a neighbor instead of holiday.

Is the cause of AIDS have spread to the whole world?

AIDS are found in all countries reach the normal travel traffic. But the disease often encountered in various different places.

Which countries are more common virus called HIV?

The United States of America, the Caribbean and Africa, Kenya, Zaire and Uganda as countries, this virus is known to carry many people. For this reason, central Africa, a generation of AIDS are discussed. Name and skin color also unknown in Europe except those people who endangered sexual intercourse.

How does the Asian and Eastern European countries?

Eastern European countries so far made ​​a rare statement on infectious diseases and other diseases. March 1987 until the middle of 14 people with HIV have been reported in East Germany. Near and Far East in this country reaching more than a certain scale expansion by the United States labeled the blood is thought to be preserved.

This has not been tested with blood and its products belong to the period. However, Israel, Egypt, near the eastern countries such as Turkey, Thailand, Ceylon, India, the Far Eastern countries such as Malaysia will be established close relations with the people of this country should be considered holidays.

AIDS may be common in countries inside the comfort of holiday? For example, an idea how to make a safari in Kenya?

Holiday can be made ​​in these countries. Tanışılan new people from countries or travel group brings a new danger that we met with people who make an unprotected sexual intercourse. Safari or a holiday on the coast will make sacrifices because of the fear of AIDS keyiften unnecessary.

Tropical countries in Africa or a holiday is being considered. Do you carry the virus in mosquitoes or other animals that put?

No. To date, the captured man was found mosquito sokmasıyla AIDS. This "mosquito theory" is not the only evidence against you. Large areas of marsh in America, so there are thousands of regions inhabited by mosquito.

For example, in Florida. If the disease is moving through mosquitoes, mosquitoes around here most ısırılanların by, for example, children would have to be patient. But it is not the case. As in other states of the United States in the eight years since Florida, especially homosexuals, drug addicts and those of a blood transfusion to get caught up in this disease-continents. The reason for the proliferation of this virus in human blood and sperm, as mosquito çoğalamaması more simple life forms in their blood.

Is the green monkey gives birth to danger by the bite?

No. This type of monkey virus infection of the people mentioned in the beginning of a şüpheydi intermediaries. Not been established. HIV-AIDS agent only provided an environment similar to human body fluids or breed in laboratory conditions.

I play football as a hobby. Large tournaments between the teams to change the form of a tradition. Uneasiness to hear am I right?

No. The problem is there is a situation would create. Not infected through sweat. Do not deprive yourself the pleasure of changing the form.

Use the common shower after sports, water splashes brings the risk of infection?

Absolutely not. You can contract athlete's foot is not clean shower maybe, but not AIDS. Sweat is not contagious, the virus through the skin into the body are not allowed even a healthy one to fill your mouth with water spray şakalaşsa upon you even do not have to be nervous.

Boxing encounters can be a significant injury, usually the opponent's face sıçrayabiliyor sweat. Is it dangerous?

Although there is great danger that should not be ignored. Both boxers bleeding wound infection occurred and the injuries may have occurred etmişse contact with each other. Of course, one of the two people who has the AIDS virus

Body-building room doing sports. Hot sweat literally running down. Germs can be transmitted?

No. Sweat is not a source of infection. The virus can live only in body fluids, synthetic leather-covered seats, or synthetic leather-covered handle of the tool can not be contagious.

Solariumda contamination, will you?

No, there is a danger. Bronzing at the same time the two sides of a foil sandwich solarium on the bed spread new appliances for your note. So you factor in other infectious diseases, bacteria-suppurative maintained.

To sunbathe on the beach to myself kiralıyorum straw. Dangerous?

AIDS is not dangerous in terms of. Still, as a precaution due to hygienic towel mat on top of their wood floor.

Nudist camp members must take special precautions?

There is a special need persons who prefer nudity duymalarına uneasiness. Along with others on the beach is not such a situation they wish to prevent bulunmalarına. Swimsuit for swimmers in the current rules apply to them: Only sexual intercourse, drug addicts infected injectors danger of disease is common. There is no relationship between preference not to swim naked with AIDS.

Is the person carrying the virus infectious to use a towel to belong to?

No. AIDS viruses in the body quickly die out. Contamination does not occur in intact skin contacts with live viruses. Unhurt, healthy skin prezervatiften less permeable to viruses.

A homosexual trying to cook at the restaurant. Is it true that would be contagious fear-mam?

No. AIDS patients are homosexual does not mean every person. Homo chef or a contagious carrier of heterosexual AIDS is discussed by experts, whether or not to accept. Communicable Diseases Act, which a German chef with the work of the health reasons are banned. HIV infection does not lead to the cancellation of work permit so far.

Our group have a habit of drinking the same cup. Chalice from hand to hand and everyone is walking around the same cup one after the other 'drinks. Although this habit AIDS sustainable?

Yes. AIDS is not a reason to abandon this habit. Use the same cup is not contagious.

Is Public toilets source of infection?

No. AIDS disease transmission routes, typhoid, paratyphoid infections such as intestinal tract infection does not resemble. The arms of the toilet door, toilet lids, toilet touching the edges of the infection is not spread AIDS.

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