Love and sexual life, AIDS Threat

Der Spiegel magazine in an article published in 1985 Robert Gallo "has sex with the origin of AIDS," he said. In 1987, Stern magazine conducted a survey of a large segment of AIDS changed the sexual habits showed. General trends do not give up sex, respectively. Interviews, a great fear of this disease in people and give rise to information request revealed. What is dangerous? How to be prevented? Danışabilecekleri sexual problems, many people do not have one. Married women may be the relationship between spouses, and others will be infected this way, they doubt. Unconventional methods of foreplay those who are in the sense of unbridled fear and guilt. Can not promise anybody, because the descriptions of the cause to be exhibited. Young people do not know whom to trust. But they all have to learn to avoid: The best a faithful love, safe sex or condom. AIDS hidden about sex, to talk about concepts that are not mentioned much requires. Because the AIDS virus does not recognize the taboo. Therefore, this section might be to this day do not encounter the concepts.

"Safer sex" mean?

English definition of protected sex. English in Germany, this definition was put into daily conversation.

"Safer sex" and "safe sex" is the distinction between?

The probability of being infected with the AIDS virus is very low all forms of sexual intercourse "Safer sex" denilmekte. Also attended a rating in this regard. No sexual relationship with no danger of contagion, "Safe sex" is defined as. In other words, situations where it is at risk, "Safer sex", risk-free situations "safe sex" is called.

Which methods of sexual intercourse "Safer sex" is covered?

- Customized condoms vaginal or anal intercourse. As a precaution, take advantage of the lubricant cream vaginal intercourse sperm killer.
- French style-condom oral sex
- Oral contact with the vagina
- Language and kissing

Person's "Safer sex" methods adopted, indicating that wants to protect itself in this way AlDS'den-bit symbol is there?

Yes. Young person to move or open a safety needle hidden "Safer sex" is open to the international symbol. Carry a yellow card, check card in the form of differential homosexuals in the United States. On the "Safer sex" is written methods of prevention unutulmamasıdır purpose of this card.

Close Encounters of what type of infection you are prompted to stay away from the possible danger of a hundred percent? In other words, "Safe sex" I realize what is?

Caress, hug, kiss unscathed skin surfaces, kiss, rub the skin unscathed, mutual manual satisfaction (masturbation), sexual aids, such as the use of vibrators. These tools must be customized. The basic rule is to be aware of infection or blood in the sperm carrying the wife's body, the circulatory system is to prevent entry.

Only the people in the dangerous group (homosexual or bisexual men, drug addicts, hemophiliacs), sexual intercourse is dangerous?

No. Presence still unprotected sexual intercourse is dangerous to treat people at risk. "Safer sex" methods korunulmadan, foreign people who are dangerous sexual relationship.

Is the carrier's sperm infectious disease?

Yes. Aware of the agent into the bloodstream during sexual intercourse varılamayacak small wounds in cross-contamination risk of infection is great.

Petting dangerous?

Generally, no. But in the meantime his wife's blood karışıyorsa person's blood or semen fluid is dangerous. For example, male vagina zedeliyor input during friction, then if the sperm fluid contact with the ground.

Self-satisfaction (masturbation) is the danger of infection is?

No. Here, the contact is with one's own body secretions. There is no human being is self-contagious.

Carrier partner's vagina germs infect me warn you the language?

Accurate to talk about this power. Sperm in the vaginal secretion of fluid less than the bulaştırıcıdır. However, if there is vaginal bleeding, inflammation or infection, infectious units in question.

Is mutual masturbation harmful?

Basically, no. However the wounded hand massage applied to the transmission fluid with sperm addressed the danger of infection arises.

Is my girlfriend's vagina finger input infect the carrier microbe to me?

Your finger is in question, however, an open wound.

What is the probability of infection in women carrying male language when stimulation of the vagina?

Tükrükte you have very little microbe is less danger. Viruses can enter the body must be remembered, even if the vagina mucosa unscathed.

Risk of infection is the language for stimulating the anal area?

There is no danger of AIDS. However, caution should be exercised. Bowel disease such as diarrhea, salmonella infection is very easy to grab. This type of love making the intestinal tract infections, fecal-hand-oral contamination typically much shorter

Frequent mention was made ​​of the danger of tongue kissing. What level is dangerous?

Is not possible to determine the exact degree of danger. Although much less frequently Tükrükte determined that the HIV virus. What can a small wound as hard as behavior and language kaçınılırsa the virus through these scratches can be mixed with blood. Fresh wounds in the mouth, teeth should be considered when etlerindeki prone to bleeding.

Incidents AIDS Is there a language transmitted by kissing?

Likely to become infected in this way in the world today are focused on a single case.

Saliva can be considered to be damaging to the virus?

Yes. That scientific research has proved that the United States. Died of AIDS virus in saliva in a test tube about half an hour. This type of basis points in laboratory experiments, but the immediate results can not be attributed to living organisms.

My husband does the profession need to travel frequently. I think that, together with other people other than myself. Bulaştırmasından microbes me to be worried. What can I do?

Talk to your problem with your partner. However, protected sexual intercourse with your partner resolve the kuşkularınızı but will keep you away from contamination.

My children are growing. They could be sexually active people arrive at old age. How korunmalılar AIDS?

Know the best prevention. Without creating fear and panic, everything is explained to them about AIDS. Children infected with AIDS need to know the main two ways: mixing of germs with the blood or semen fluid into the bloodstream. Larger ones should know that today sexuality injudiciously, denenemez thinking. This is a very dangerous game. Match AIDS, protection against AIDS has become important again to talk to the extent of mutual trust. Also explain the earlier experiences of two people each. People are not concerned for each other ilklerse a danger of contamination. (Persons to be made ​​of one blood transfusion before the rule be left without property or being addicted to drugs).

Together we intend to be the person düşüncesindeyseniz disease carries a more definite conclusion must follow a path to take. This person along with you or he does kabulleniyor to be tested? Developed sense of responsibility is an important element in the prevention of the person. This also will bring to others the responsibility to act. Parents are likely to be the size of sexual relations among young people by focusing on them in the use of condoms and lighting.

Women are more at risk compared with men are they?

Yes. Hazard is higher for women than heterosexual men. Because the infection through the large amounts of sperm carrying the virus are taken into the body.

How the virus is transmitted to women during sexual intercourse?

New research has shown that healthy vaginal mucosa can be taken by the AIDS virus. Virus can be confused into the bloodstream through the sensitive membranes. To date, only the mucosa was thought would create the danger of wounds infected. As gay men and women through anal intercourse (Greek style), or oral sex with a man carrying the virus in applying (feliatio or french style) can contract germs.

Is it more dangerous for women sexual intercourse during menstruation?

Yes. Menstrual bleeding, bleeding from a wound just like to bring in great danger of contagion is an important gateway for HIV-AIDS virus. Therefore, bleeding during sexual intercourse if you are not sure bulunulacaksa and the spouse does not have the virus must make sure that the use of condoms.

Virus carriers with menstrual period, sexual intercourse with a woman for men dangerous?

Yes. Virus compared to the normal vaginal secretion is increased risk of bleeding will hold in the much more intense. After a few days before the menstrual period and the danger is high. Because this time there is also secretes a small bleeding.

If the vagina is an inflammatory condition increases the risk of contracting AIDS is man? What is the relationship between inflammation of the vagina with the danger of AIDS?

White blood cells to fight infection and inflammation of vagina inflammation gathered at the focus. Vaginal inflammation that's why many of the pus is infectious microbe. Male condom for sexual intercourse with a woman in this case the carrier is extremely dangerous. Inflammation of the vagina can be transmitted to men.

Is there a relationship between vaginal washing after sexual intercourse with AIDS?

No. The washing process can not be trusted. This kind of prepared for use in washing special lotions to increase the risk of infection is thought to damage the mucosa.

There is talk of a large number of homosexual AIDS constantly caught. What is homosexuality?

Interest in the person of the same sex sexually homoseksüelliktir hear.

Homosexuality is common to what extent?

Research on the subject of five to ten percent of adult men revealed that they are homosexual.

Homosexuality stems from?

Why some men only one man, why some women's sexual interest in women, only that they follow a fully elucidated. This inherited property is not known. Based on the origin of the events in childhood, youth are directed at the person's theory of homosexuality is a hypothesis.

Gay, are the source of danger?

No. Generally does not refer to homosexuality as a mental disorder. Homosexuals are like people in other areas other than sexuality. They constitute a danger to düşünmeyenler like.

Is it basically homosexual transvestites?

No. Heterosexual women or men who like wearing dresses is given this name. This trend is basically linked to homosexuality. Masculine women wear pants and jackets are more common reaction to a situation not covered, while men dressed as women batmaktadırlar out immediately.

What is bisexual?

Bisexuals in both men and women engage in sexual intercourse. Are attracted to both sexes.

Bisexual men alone?

No, this concept also applies to women.

But so far the number of bisexual men and bisexual women were too.

AIDS is more secure in terms of sexual relationships of lesbians?

Yes. The methods of mutual masturbation and petting lesbian cunnilingus (licking) through the transmission will not. A few Americans were caught lezbi-Defeat the artificial fertilization of the sperm disease. Sado-masochistic lesbian Petting method also lead to injury, their blood mixing with each other would be risky. Thus, one of the people infected blood from patients infect.

Do condoms protect against AIDS?

Very large extent. Condom quality is great and provides protection against AIDS using the correct. Along the path of sperm killing condom safer cream or "Nono-xinol 9" by the use of the substance containing vaginal suppositories. For example, "Delfen", or "Patentex." Nonoxinol 9 were killed by the virus of AIDS-type experiment. Other influential doctor or pharmacist may recommend creams, or wicks.

What are the characteristics of quality condoms?

Condoms should be called the following features: packaging production or expiration date should be included.

Condoms are sold in more than three years provided that are produced. This period is exceeded, a thin rubber loses its integrity, which means the disappearance of protection. Condoms are sold in post-production sunulmalıdırlar electronically controlled. Robust, secure, sure, but such olunulabilir oluşlarından.
Condoms should be wrapped in style to be protected from sunlight. Light destroys the structure of the tire.

Prominent, with a rough surface, do not take a condom. Your partner may irritate the vagina. If you are careless in the use of condom in the future wound microbe infect you.

Does that condoms can be kept to the test?

Yes. Product standards agency "test" to such a test, announced the number of magazines in August 1983. In this test, many were brand quality: Blausiegel ABC, Blausie-gel Hauchdünn, Fromms Transparent, Lavetra Glyder, R "hauchfein" and Secura Gold. EG-DIN phrases on the use of condoms in the near future, the future agenda. This carry-DIN phrase will express the highest quality condoms.

Good-quality condoms can be purchased from?

Pharmacy, perfumery, supermarket and a restaurant and a condom vending in public toilets. Otomatlardaki condom packaging is of good quality if it is damaged and must be mindful of. Otomatlara damaging skewers, piercing with the packaging of condoms in the meantime, those who accept it are fun. If you have noticed these little holes when held to light an empty package.

Are there any special condoms for anal intercourse?

Yes. Structure is very resistant to use anal intercourse homosexuals made ​​the "Hot Rubbers" has called a special condoms.

Condoms should be used when?

Before considering the causes of mental foreplay condom should be in place. At the height of making love to a more accurate way for interrupting.

Fully erect penis, condoms are haldeyken?

No, the penis must be dry before.

What should be considered when placing a condom?

This is a very fine substance must be taken to stop damage to the nails. In some parts of a reservoir end condoms, have a warehouse. When placed at the end of this rezevuara do not have the condoms to the penis must be taken to keep some space. This section will be filled with fluid, the sperm during ejaculation.

What should be considered after the sperm fluid drained?

Withdrawing the penis should be kept in a condom. Otherwise it would overflow out of the sperm fluid prezervatiften, protection will not take place.

Which is better lubricants?

Substances containing oil should not be used with condoms. These are small points that can be seen under a microscope in the form of condoms as protection bozarlar dissolving. Lubricants should be made ​​of water-soluble substances. "Lubricant", "KY", "Femilind such as".

Condoms can be used twice?

Absolutely not.

I was in people using a condom during sexual intercourse, pregnancy is also counted Am I protected?

Protection against pregnancy and protection against AIDS is different. A condom is a faithful marriage is not affiliated or spouse, who do not want to give up sex in the way of their only protection against AIDS. For example, birth control pills, condoms in preventing unwanted pregnancies, but in terms of reliability kıyaslandıklarında take third place.

Is it effective in the prevention of pregnancy with condom use sperm killing cream?

Yes. This duplex is an effective method of protection. But I still can not be said to be an alternative to substitute for birth control pills.

I do not want to use a condom. Is there another way to protect myself?

No. Prezervatiften refrain microbe does not have AIDS or be in sexual contact with people who give up if you are unsure.

Apertures as used in lethal sperm fitillerle, contraceptive creams provide security against the AIDS virus do?

Used alone does not provide security. Sperm lethal substance "Nonoxinol 9" s in a test tube that is set to kill the virus of AIDS is completely unreliable. The virus will die quickly in this matter may be mixed with blood in the body already likely to be taken into consideration. Sıyrıklardan even healthy vagina small vagina mucosa, the virus in sexual intercourse during menstruation the body can easily perform input. In addition, virus vagina, blood, body fluids such as sperm in the test tube is surrounded by much more than can survive for a long time. Condom is used with "Nonoxinol 9" vaginal suppositories and creams containing the well, a safe method of protection. Detail is also given the unsafe aspects. Of these substances "Nonoxinol 9" u must contain a sufficient concentration. "Patentex" wick and "Delfen" as well as creams.

Vaginal suppositories and creams deadly AIDS virus is there any other ingredients?

Yes. Benzalkonium chloride is an effective substance Kayganlıştırıcı creams are some of the other. But this kind of creams sold in Germany.

Foreign countries to use condoms with sperm killing cream seekers "Nonoxinol 9" lacking, should try to find a cream containing benzalkonium chloride. France, the Scandinavian countries, Canada and the United States can find these creams.

To take advantage of the lethal effects of AIDS virus in anal intercourse, as well as condom spermicide (sperm killing) cream can be used?

No. Nonoxinol 9 and benzalkoniumklorid adopted lethal virus substances proposed for the vagina. To date, whether these substances irritate the intestinal wall, thereby entering the body had not clarified whether the harmful effect.

Anal homosexuals in relation to each other Is the same size as the danger?

No. Because the passive role of the person's body fluid more than sperm carrying the infection at stake.

AIDS is a vicious man olabilirmi carrier?

Yes. Vasectomy (sterilization operation) geçirse AIDS virus even if the person's body still bulaştırıcıdır disease. Because the virus itself, only sperm but ejaculation prostate secretion to include. Ejaculation, this fluid does not eliminate that perform sterilization process.

Peep Show where cabins are usually tainted sperm fluid. Do you have something to do with AIDS?

No. Sperm fluid does not contact an open wound can not be in danger of contamination.

Parties and clubs are experiencing polygamy is dangerous to what extent?

If the danger is greater condom use. Many such places, prostitutes and drug addicts have a common factor with the disease occurs with the use of syringes. This places the other segments of the population through the spread of disease risk groups shows.

Myself to establish such a special club, not to accept the people here think that a non-negative AIDS test. These include a solution?

No. This will measure up to the level of görünümsel. Although test results are newcomers to stop and check at the door one by one would not have been the result. Negative test result because a person does not show whether the infection within the last four to six weeks. The virus is received, but consists of four to six weeks after the antibody in the blood, which occurs in response to the test. For this reason, the person tested again after four to six weeks to apply and you must ensure that that does not have sexual relations during the time between them, this is not possible for anyone.

Positive test outcome other newspapers, is looking for a positive test outcome equivalent encounter ads. AIDS carriers as well as unprotected sexual contact with two people before the disease can be found?

No. AIDS carriers should use a condom. Dangerous sex as a result of new viruses into the body. Increase in the number of virus entering the body, carrier of the person increases the chance of getting the disease.

Prostitutes are subject to official control. Are there any dangers of disease transmission?

Yes. Antibody test was implemented by the Ministry of Health to these people at the earliest four to six weeks after the infection by following the results. Russian Roulette is similar to sexual intercourse without condom prostitutes. Women with earlier that many people may have AIDS virus. Persons exposed to the danger of such a alabildikleri afford, for the safety of a situation that is surprising how so much money harcayabildikleri. In addition, the Ministry of Health, but is able to control the registered prostitutes. Drugs to ensure that it is impossible to control those hidden prostitution.

Are condoms always kullandırmalı prostitutes?

Absolutely. Stranger danger and that you is greater than a large number of prostitutes in the relationship.

There sadomasochistic habits of petting. Is the person I'm with idrarınıın hazardous eruption in my mouth?

In this way, even if at risk of infection, it can be a source of infection should talk partner, if a suspicious situation terkedilmelidir this technique.

Fetişistiyim underwear. Do you infect me, used women's underwear?

They are not bloody and bloody open wound contact with soiled laundry etmiyorlarsa no.

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