Children up to Age of School AIDS virus and pregnancy

Are all children born to mothers infected with the AIDS virus?

No. The average one hundred forty infected babies are born as. This is also the chance of having healthy altmışının percent of newborn babies is the meaning of existence.

Sezeryanle birth, a healthy carrier of the mother, a baby infected
can bring to the world right?

No. Babies born in the normal way, the babies was born by caesarean section rate is the same as carrying the virus.

Infants infected with AIDS virus, which shows signs of illness?

Certainly not characteristic of the first symptoms of AIDS disease. Many of these symptoms may be another reason. Baby's development is not normal, no doubt inspires the development of the head. Frequent unexplained elevations of fever, recurrent urinary tract infections, persistent yeast infections, diarrhea is unstoppable. This growth of lymph nodes, spleen and liver, is added to the growth.

AIDS virus had babies how much do they live?

Very few of them live more than two years. However, there are examples of illegal San Fracisco'lu Grossmann Moses, a pediatrician in March 1987 shortly before the seven-year-old child started school and had reported that the virus at birth.

AIDS patients have received the virus from mother to infants, adults kıyasta follows a different course?

Yes. Kaposi's sarcoma is a rare type of cancer in adults is usually not found in children. AIDS in children as soon as possible by bringing together other diseases resulting in death.

Babies tested positive for antibodies of the fetus, then the test is negative can come?

Yes. Approximately nine months after the birth of the baby from the mother's self-protective nature is carrying antibodies. For this reason, the test result is positive the baby in person by the antibodies on the baby's body, or can not be known for sure that they do antibodies from the mother borrowed. For this, tests should be continued until the age of one.

AIDS virus, although it is received during the birth of the baby's body can be produced to antibodies?

Yes. Sometimes the little newborn immune systems mature. In this case, the baby carries the virus but can not produce antibodies against it. Therefore, a negative antibody test result is applied to it.

Really understand where the baby carries the virus?

It takes time to issue a definitive diagnosis. You can find the correct answers to the test in a year. Infection of the process requires a series of set: to know the history of the disease in people, to implement a large number of tests, such as monitoring the clinical course of the person.

Pregnant women must make sure, are the antibody test?

No. Antibody testing pregnant women required for today sheet date.

AIDS testing for pregnant women is important?

History of AIDS-risk susceptible lived in a relationship, yes. Gynecology doctors recommend this test in some patients. The most common disease in the city of San Francisco AIDS Physicians who want to have children, this test done every couple of conscience is a duty to remember.

The antibody test result is negative in the third month of pregnancy. Every thing can be said right?

Not exactly. Happened in a situation that would cause contamination of infection during pregnancy, although there are circumstances when bellenebildiği ninth month. Because the immune system, pregnancy is practically an inhibitory effect. Therefore, even if the mother had the virus in the blood of antibodies at the beginning of pregnancy can be determined quite late. For this reason, experts in San Francisco, the birth mother the first three and last three months pregnant, the amounts tested.

AIDS infected mothers breastfeed her baby?

No. Mother's milk has a high concentration of virus. Breastfeeding in the virus infect.

Pregnancy may harm the woman carrying the virus?

Yes. Carriers of virus diseases in pregnancy accelerates the formation of Person table. This acceleration in the severity of pregnancy, the body defense system, pull belirlenememişse know exactly. Foreign body reaction to not show the body of the emerging organism of the body itself is a mechanism that sets up.
Lowering the status of each additional resistance AlDS'li pregnant women may result in death.

AIDS virus carriers to be an indication of pregnancy Is it legal for the conclusion of abortion?

Yes. Right on abortion makes it clear why HIV infection: Children of damage. Laws 22 allows abortion up to gestational week. Serious threat to the life of the mother's health and medical decision in the case of this limit is considered unlimited. That deal can be struck later weeks of pregnancy in abortion.

The health status of infants infected with AIDS virus in what people seek to remain a good long time?

These babies are very demanding requirements in a way. Farkedebilecek the beginning of the baby facing the other infections, and it must be able to reach medical attention immediately. At this point is very important when yitirilmemesi. Children must be protected against the disease-infected infants. Because of their weakened immune systems, even more tired of this. Mumps, measles, rubella, whooping cough as a visitor who had never considered putting the children should not be exactly the disease.

Is the child should go to kindergarten with the AIDS virus?

This is a situation-specific attitudes of the child and other children's home. We have thoughts such as: Nursery age children between the ages of three to five corresponding to those of hemophilia is rare, usually carry the virus since birth. And since the beginning of large chance of getting the disease. Other children in the ordinary and harmless infections, HIV carriers could be extremely harmful to children. For this reason, many doctors are not fans of these children go to kindergarten crowd. Small play group of three or four people would be more appropriate for these children to participate.

Is it okay to play with other children in a healthy carrier of the child?

Yes. This is extremely important in terms of its psychological and social development. Adult children of a person to follow during the game, or tırmalamalarına prevent bites is important to have each other. Wound infection occurs in children with the carrier immediately sargılanarak prevented the game to friends.

Virus carriers, and other bacterial infections in children, prevention of childhood diseases are the procedures?

An infectious disease is seen around the child should be given to inform the doctor immediately. The doctor will make the immune system booster injections gamaglobulin. Is a carrier of the virus should warn you about the child's doctor.

AIDS virus carriers to go to children in public schools?

Yes. School age children's peers have been carriers of the virus within the appropriate behavior, there is no reason to not go to school. School children infected by AIDS in everyday relations contacts. Carriers of the virus infecting children with AIDS, the dangers of the dangers of infecting children with chronic infection with hepatitis B are the same.

What to do if a virus carrier children injured?

Immediately apply a bandage or dressing is required. If the blood on the wound goods (toys, bunk beds, fitness equipment, etc.) sıçramışsa, these items need to deletions involving chlorine disinfectants or alcohol. If the bleeding is not much to do his / her child would be more appropriate that the deletion of the carrier. One other person will do such cleaning should wear gloves.

Sometimes even a full body contact during sports is often close. For example, in football. Constitute a danger to children from the carrier of this type do sports with other children?

No. These children may be involved in any kind of sport. Close body contact, sweat, swimming pool or the shower AIDS virus Those looking after sports.

AIDS carriers should be warned classmates of your child?

No, this is not necessary. Infection with the child alone would be pushed. Rather than the person carrying the infection is not to decipher the behavior would be more accurate. More information on the health status of the child to have a very small number will be appropriate. But the classroom teacher, sports teachers and managers should be aware of the situation. In the event of a bleeding wound, for example to avoid the danger of contamination.

Valid reasons to be banned from the school children of AIDS carriers?

Carrier assault against children, other children, biting, scratching, such as aggressive behavior disorders rastlanıyorsa qualified psychiatric treatment should be applied. The carrier to infect the child's school friend, but at the same time is possible with the occurrence of contact between the blood of wounded. Psychiatric treatment is not harmful to the child's behavior düzeliyorsa return to school.

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