Doctor, Health Organizations and Institutions Hazard Aids

An important part of AIDS virus carriers received in hospitals. Between 1983 and 1985 This taşımadıklarının blood test is not whether the virus through blood transfusions have been periods. Still keeps the people under the influence of the incident shock. Doctor's office or hospital patients to act more cautiously, interventions, questioned, and hemorrhagic actions are met with suspicion by the patient. This situation also applies to dentists' offices. In fact, even the eye doctors used instruments can be heard in patients with anxiety, tears are not comfortable after the virus is heard there.

Flowing blood and saliva dental procedures usually hops. Engraved instrument or other instruments used in female AIDS can be transmitted?

No. The patient's mouth must be used to sterilize all instruments Dentists. Instruments can be disinfected, and then is sterilized by boiling or hot dry weather. Because of the thoroughness of Dentists AlDS'den uygulamamaktadırlar only. Infectious jaundice, hepatitis B, just as AIDS is transmitted.

Is it contagious quality instrument that measures intraocular pressure, eye doctor?

No. Against the possibility of moving the other communicable diseases, these tools are disinfected and sterilized.

People undergoing surgery. Date determined. Although the patient blood samples to be tested in blood banks still unsettled. Exactly how to prevent transmission through blood can be considered a solution?

A few weeks before the date specified whether the hospital's blood bank in the deep freeze is delayed the patient's own blood in a way that can be recommended. If you need a blood transfusion during the operation, the patient will be able to use his own blood. To do this you need time to discuss with the doctor and the blood center. Born in a way that may be incurred only for specific operations.

Testing of blood products is not what is the danger of getting AIDS ölçüdeydi times?

Antibody test to be implemented since the inception of thousands of blood in the blood was controlled transmitter. Controls have shown that the AIDS virus in blood is a very small number. Prior to 1983 the risk of transmission of the virus is less. Because in those years did not show in Germany to spread AIDS carriers. Antibody test is a very important role in the prevention of the danger of infection.

Tests are now being implemented through a blood transfusion to prevent infection from one hundred percent reliability, Is?

No. Blood products are being made ​​safe as possible. Blood vericisindeki virus could be determined at the earliest four to six weeks after the test, even if a small mistake probably still in question. For example, two weeks after receiving the AIDS virus in people-carriers of the virus causing the blood, the blood beyond the control test, the test will not reflect the truth.

Produced by human blood, such as immunoglobulin preparations Gamaglobulin transmit AIDS virus?

No. Tutulduklarından Üretilişlerinde such a possibility can not be treated in ethyl alcohol. Ethyl alcohol is a substance uğratıcı viruses damage.

Mass vaccination is used in the vaccine plays a role in infectious gun?

The vaccine is not possible to say there is the possibility of transmission of the virus guns. New research shows it. For this reason, the German Ministry of Health vaccination group permits the use of disposable syringes.

Hepatitis-B vaccine produced in human blood so far. This vaccine does not have the AIDS virus, how can you be sure?

Yes. Being quite sure. Disinfectant formaldehyde, a substance in blood serum of the vaccine production process through the participation of many treatment phase. Meanwhile, vaccines do not contain human serum have been obtained with the help of gene technology.

Are acupuncture needles sterile?

If yes, acupuncture is performed by a physician. Implementing the process of healthcare needles other microorganisms purify the disinfection and sterilization methods can not be considered fully uyabilecekleri. Acupuncture needles are typically extremely expensive precious metaldendir and will become impossible to single use.

Cardiac catheterization can be dangerous?

In terms of AIDS, no. Catheter sterile. This is also true for vascular trench method used in the balloon.

Infection through injection or infusion of medical procedures, will you?

No. Needles and infusion set, the only use. This rule has since long infections, particularly Hepatitis-B are complied with to protect them. This error is equivalent to a doctor not to obey the rules. Again reminded of danger of AIDS physicians hygiene rules.

HIV can be taken through a balloon catheter, the hospital has not been sterilized?

No. Medical reason, the body will be subject to all kinds of tools and equipment disinfection and sterilization must be kept. For this reason, tools and materials used during the diagnosis and treatment of infectious risk. The balloon catheter for single use only, once disposed of after use.

Is there a danger of endoscopy to receive AIDS virus?

No. Hose used in this process has to be sterile.

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