Hazard of Aids in the Use of Body Care and Cosmetics

Only your doctor, not a manicure, pedicure, epilation, bleeding can occur with the probability of having the virus even in the hair salon. These procedures are applied, such as beauty salons rumors about the customers has reached disturbing proportions. Sharp instruments used in a row without being disinfected, not the places to be skeptical of an unfair behavior.

Professional associations, members of other professional organizations to comply with hygiene rules uyarmaktalar tight. Furthermore, senior officials from the health beauty hygiene rooms prepared for the ten years before making the laws are strict controls is eager to complete.

A homosexual barber to shave the hair and beard dangerous?

No. First recognized as the cause of each other seropositive homosexual, that is not a carrier of the disease. Berber, even if the carrier is not a risk for these customers. Those looking skin contact with AIDS. But the wounds herself and carrier customers in barber at that time may overlap with those of the blood if you have an open wound that becomes dangerous. This is a meteor will fall on us as people like to find a possibility.

Does HIV cause AIDS is transmitted by shaving appliances?

Risk of infection is not very large. To eliminate the possibility of even a small shaving kit used in common. Cutouts, breaking off the shell of the virus body acne appropriate entry gates to participate in the bloodstream. This is a virus carrier is shaved before the blood still stands on the instruments in question.

Is it dangerous to use toothbrush common?

Yes. Gingival bleeding in people is the carrier of the disease virus. Therefore, everyone should use his own toothbrush.

Performing artist, a gay makeup artist to the stage by the danger of AIDS is far from being prepared can be considered?

Of course. Every man is gay is not necessarily a carrier of AIDS virus. Skin contact during make-up make-up artist, even if a carrier of the virus does not infect the possibility.

Beauty salon manicure or pedicure during the AIDS Is there a risk of infection?

Instruments are being sterilized or disinfected after each use, no. In most German states manicure and pedicure to prevent damage to health through the implementation of the framework of the law has stipulated the rules of hygiene. If this law is about to be constituted in states such as Bayern Munich.

Yaptırıyorum Hair Removal. But the inside was covered with a fear. AIDS is the needle may be used. Am I right?

Hair Removal enforcing other rules in accordance with needles or other instruments sterilized or disinfected after each customer, if this fear is useless. In most German states in this respect the rules of hygiene are mandatory. Other states also are underway on the subject.

Massage oils and creams common use. AIDS in terms of behavior is wrong?

No. These substances are applied on the skin. Does not lead to AIDS infection.

Is the danger of infection is often to have a massage?

No. Cause of AIDS through the skin into the body can not make a solid entry. In the same way the virus salgılayamaz skin.

One ear more than three or even five earrings to wear fashion, many young ears deliyorlar themselves. How to act in terms of hygiene rules would be appropriate?

The ear is a traditional event for deldirmek some communities. Pharmacist engaged in the process of drilling the needle is important here is considering a proposal with a disinfectant or disinfecting process of the flame will be passing the blue part of the instrument. Ear doctor deldiriliyorsa there is no problem. Beauty experts, supermarkets, or to persons traveling in the ear deldirilecek the usage of disposable needle should be asked. Thus, the risk is eliminated.

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