Danger of Drug Addiction and Aids

The group particularly at risk in drug addicts who inject the drugs into a vein group. These people need much more help. They are dependent on the substance of thought and energy to protect themselves would not be frantically searching for. Most of these people means of illegal drug money they have acquired prostitution. Thus, they remain outside the control of health care organizations. Warning and advice etkileyememektedir them. Therefore, the present chapter we will talk about their carry special hazards. For these people, established counseling centers for drug addicts at the end of the book with the names indicates that self-help groups for the list is created.

Drug use. I'm dependent on the substance injected damarıma. AIDS virus How can I protect myself?

Show a large spread of AIDS among drug users. Because circulating from hand to hand without being sterilized needles are used, are used in common. Drug addiction is infected with the disease itself, but protection of a male or female friend kullandırmayacağı certainly be possible for using its own special sting.

Is it the same extent in danger all the drug addicts?

No. Those in danger at this time, and injecting drugs vein injection with male partners.

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