To-infected with AIDS virus

Is it too late when a positive antibody test in the past? Faced with this result, people usually turn into a wild panic and depression of living is hunger. However, stay away from the disease, for many years considered the normal life there is the possibility sürebilmek. This is not random chance. Disease is increased to meet a calm, panic kapılmakla lost. After recovering from the shock of your life again is important is to leave the test result. Your friends, your spouse, perhaps as much as possible to pull him aside, colleagues greeted with changing behaviors, başgösterecek social environmental changes.

This section on the challenges you will face will be shown the way, what's going to work to give an idea of whether what yapmamamız.

How the AIDS virus be treated to protect the health of person under the influence?


Korumağa possible defense system

Adequate sleep, good nutrition, avoiding harmful habits such as nicotine and alcohol must be complied with the principles of healthy living.

More sun and solariumdan should be avoided.

Sexually transmitted gonorrhea and so on. diseases, malaria can infect travels, countries with poor hygiene conditions of the intestinal infections, severe infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B should be protected. Immune system because they are more load.

Re-using a condom also need to pay attention not to HIV-AIDS agents. Again, a large number of people get the virus will affect the course of the disease.

Mental depression and feelings of panic, with the help of psychotherapy re-balance against the need to try to win. Because the mental state affects the body defense system.

Febrile diseases, such as influenza infections in cases of illness should contact a doctor immediately, you must enter to be treated. When a complaint about your health, it is natural to hear the fear of AIDS is the first indication of disease. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor or a clinic specializing in AIDS, the cause of complaint by contacting lighting. Is AIDS a sign of disease symptoms in question, are there any other reason? For example, a general feeling of fatigue may be due to poor circulation. The region may be due to an inflammation of the lymph nodes of growth. Applicants can get the addresses of chambers of the health professions. At the end of the book also discusses at these addresses.

AIDS virus carriers must pay attention to other people what to bulaştırmaması?

In general, these persons blood, semen, breast milk, much less infectious body fluids such as saliva or cause any property required to maintain bulaştırıcılığından others. To do this: I never give a condition of blood and sperm, organs bağışlamalarının need to know that it was impossible.

Sexual intercourse should pay attention to the rules of safe sex.
To date, states must notify the people they are in the relationship. This is going to be difficult for people to make a statement, it please provide information for contacting the center to work out.

Please take care of each doctor informed of your situation with you for any reason.

The onset of the disease state of extreme fear people have the virus will develop AIDS Is Effective?

Yes. The relationship between fear and it is clear that the body resistance. Reduces the power of the body defense system, excessive fear.

I have learned that our test antibody positive result. Now what do I do?

Certainly should not do the test in the next six weeks are as follows:
Virus disease, captured the thinking of each person, should not have thought such a life will end. Microbe of illness until after a very long time can pass. In the meantime, discover new methods of treatment.

Not a close relationship with you bulaştırabileceğiniz microbe, Do not give away information about your condition acquaintances.
Do not notify your employer your situation.
Do not make decisions about your job.
Do not make decisions about the economic situation.
Do not take decisions on issues for the future.
Once you know that a positive test result you have to do three things are:
Under pressure in the first few weeks you, afraid to take on the news experts try to AIDS centers. The experts observed that people usually this is the first time after the psychological power to ensure compliance with the new living situation is evolving.
The first few weeks of fear, anger, feelings of rebellion in gelişse, a sense of guilt should not meaningless.
AlDS'liler solidarity and relationship counseling centers need to install.

Antibody test and test positive for approval. So taşıyıcısıyım HIV. Parts of my will I receive psychological help?

Develop a sense of trust between you, your family doctor and a psychotherapist with the cooperation,
AlDS'liler participation to one of solidarity,
Müracatla AIDS counseling centers to one,
Drug addicts to get help on this issue at the centers serve.

A person infected with AIDS to prevent the start of the disease form of treatment is there?

Course of the brake is of AIDS therapy trials.

Person's risk of developing the disease, AIDS virus, what ölçüdedir?

Scientists have a definite opinion on this issue are not there. To date, researchers in general, says the risk is between 40% to 60%. This is the germ of every ten people who get caught in the disease means that perhaps four to six. It is known for a long time to pass the infection to turn into disease.

AIDS virus is normally the person how long the disease occur?

AlDS'de may take quite a long incubation period, eight, nine or even fifteen years. But it may also occur after as little as six months in the table. In general, many people face to face with 5 or 10 years after the illness is.

Carry the AIDS virus, but no symptoms of the disease. My system has not been determined whether immune damage?

Yes. There are laboratory tests that determine the current status of the immune system. These tests determine the number of scarlet and white blood cells blood count, the body's defense system against the players in T-Helper cells, and their comparison with the T-suppressor cells of the skin, revealing the capacity of defense against foreign substances in skin test (Merrieux testing) may be considered.

This refers to the current status of tests of the immune system by comparing the values ​​and ideas should be acquired. Nevertheless, AIDS disease, these tests does not allow to determine precisely when to begin.

AIDS virus carriers to-action action is the body's immune system to fight AIDS is increasing the power?

Refer to this road look like a sharp sword play. Otherwise the results to stimulate the immune system. may result. In this way, the defense system will be divided into cells to multiply. In this case, the body must take into account to show growth in the AIDS agent. Even at first glance to be a contradiction in this way is obvious. AIDS viruses in the body defense cells are infested. These cells are dividing çoğaldıklarında çoğalacaktır viruses.

Person would be immediately identified as a carrier of AIDS from his job?

No. Other carriers may be at work until the symptoms of the disease. Fuzzy the period can last for many years. In fact, this period may be extended up to fifteen years.

A person with HIV is still ratlandığı cholera vaccine cholera due to travel to countries that will do Do you suggest compulsory?

There are many side effects of cholera vaccine. Protectiveness of the vaccine when compared with the side effects of such a case I think there avoided.

Although the tetanus vaccine to carry the AIDS virus, can I?

Yes. Tetanus vaccine Tetanus modified agent, güçsüzleştirilmiş toxoid vaccine derived from the poison. Body of antibodies to the vaccine, provides protection against the poison by producing. Toxoid vaccines do not need to avoid HIV infection. But I still talk to a physician who knows your situation will be useful.

HIV carrier in order to protect itself from infections of influenza vaccine Commission to obtain a heavy watch Do you recommend?

Changes in the immune system of HIV carriers as long as the head show is suitable to undertake the flu vaccine.

Vaccination against Typhus an AIDS carrier will travel to countries in the south Is recommended?

The immune system works, even though there is no reason to thwart this vaccine is stable.

Taşıyıcısıyım AIDS virus. Forced to make a trip to a country at risk of malaria durumundayım. What can I do to protect them?

If you really have to go to a country like this, "Resochin" there is a need prophylaxis. But the agent of malaria in these countries, "Resochin" partial resistance to the winnings should be known. In these cases, "Fansidar" drug that's used with other drugs. Other measures in the doctor and the medical establishment who are interested should discuss this with you. Against every eventuality you should keep malaria medicines and related factors have to be careful ısırılmamaya by flies.

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