Carriers and AIDS Patients Living with AIDS at Home

Ways to Aids Prevention

When the patient's family and the surrounding area of concern that a positive antibody test, the patient just as great as his concern. Infection with the person must soyutlanmaması. Despite the fear and concerns of the relatives and the wife has to continue to live with it. There are concerns on the basis of fear and danger of transmission of these germs to them-is. Desperation, caused by the death of thinking is not possible to completely eliminate this fear. What are the dangers of living with AIDS patients or carriers of this section, these are the ways of mitigating the disease şanssızlığını of them will be mentioned.

Table all the signs of AIDS cases emerged. How much time is left to live?

The amount of time remaining until the following month or so years in the form of the following is difficult to define. All AIDS patients will suffer from a unique process. AIDS, how long a person will live in a table, head to show what diseases, infections, doctors depend on to what extent they may head. Physicians interested in AIDS patients are referred to them quite late, so the chances of infection-fighting rather azalttıklarından complain. Despite the mobilization of all the possibilities of medicine, many patients between three and five years after the onset of the disease because of one of many die from infection.

Carriers or AIDS patients who live at home with the same dangerous?

No. Contacts at home, for example, common dining sets, bath and toilet does not use infectious danger. This is a scientific one person as the carrier of the virus in the United States as a result of 30 families were long-term observations. Toothbrush, shaving kit, manicure tools used in common. Being taken to make joint use of equipment such as manicure tools must be sterilized if necessary, disinfection with chlorine, which may be possible with solvents, or alcohol. (Ask your pharmacist)

Not for myself, but I am concerned for my children. AIDS other home
coming to visit, or we live in the same house with her ​​children in danger?

No. Bring into consideration the ways of transmission. Sperm fluid or blood, your blood bulaşmadıkça you can not talk about the danger of infection. Everyday life, there is a danger to children. Cup of water to drink or dangerous are not allowed to kiss him.

There may be a carrier of AIDS or infection of patients with night sweats?

No. AIDS virus so far found in sweat. Bildirilememiştir infection in the world in this way so far.

Is the urine and faeces of patients with AIDS should be disinfected?

No. This is not a dangerous body secretions. These secretions are suitable to dispatch without disinfecting the toilet sewage system.

AIDS is nothing to do with the emblem of the colors of the rainbow?

The colors of icons bearing the emblem of solidarity among people who caught AIDS. Of course, carries the risk of infecting the person at the same time symbolizes.

Is the carrier should be disinfected by washing of AIDS?

56 degree die from AIDS virus. Laundry is washed by 95 degrees as natural arınmaktadırlar AIDS virus. We know that it is possible contamination with the infectious agent directly into the blood. Therefore, a carrier of AIDS patients or has a risk of contamination can not talk about clothes at first glance. However, low-grade hangover washed laundry disinfectant or bleach solution will be appropriate in the delay. These materials are available from pharmacies.

AIDS patients have lived with skin tumors. Do germs spread to me?

No. Although skin cancer can touch, hold and continue to look at him. Düğümcükler blue purple skin cancer has not contagious. The patient's blood in your bloodstream karışmadıkça skin contact with it is not dangerous.

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