Unnecessary Fears Against AIDS Needed

AIDS counseling centers, the people who recognizes good. To give a negative antibody test result on a noble, but still in fear and panic are in kaptıkları infection. Lived in a risky situation, or a blood transfusion in yaptırmışlarsa antibody formation may take longer to be concerned about, bulmamaları satisfactory test result is natural. Pushed into the deadlock to continue to have a test at short intervals. Throwing them off from the fear of getting AIDS is not easy.

Since a short period of weight loss and fatigue şikayetçiyim at work. Are these signs that I caught AIDS disease?

No. Definitive diagnosis is through identification of the virus in your blood that you are AlDS'li. AIDS virus or AIDS disease yakalanacağınız move does not mean that. Such complaints may also be many other reasons. But these reasons should be enlightened.

The risk of infection with the AIDS virus in a situation like never received even though I could be but kurtaramıyorum concerns. What should I do?

This is a long time since your subconscious concerns about your life, indicates that guilt feelings. It reveals itself in feelings of guilt and fears are now AIDS. Negative antibody test, whether as a result of medical yatışıp determined not infected, after a period of re-depreşiyorsa fears, the roots of your life in the past, this situation must be addressed with psychotherapy. We become fearful that pushes the cause of treatment made ​​by determining the type of treatment to meet the insurance companies in Germany. This type of psychiatric treatment centers executed family doctor, medical rooms, AIDS-help and counseling centers can learn.

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