Disinfection Against HIV Roads

The most dangerous infectious agent of this era is a virus that is actually quite weak. Infected body fluids, even if the item is quite sufficient to clear the only way to wash. Soap is a substance that prevents the virus to a large extent to grab hold of goods to be secured, you need to stay healthy in this section will explain the rules of cleanliness.

The virus in a laboratory outside the body during the day yaşatılabildiği Is it true?

Yes. Pasteur Laboratory of the University of Paris, ideal for the virus, scientists performed this by providing sterile conditions in a test tube. The existence of sterile conditions in daily life that those of this experiment can not be considered valid. Danger to the world in terms of distribution and transmission of AIDS is a feature of this experiment is illustrative.

Disinfectants are effective AIDS germs?

Basically, all disinfectants containing chlorine and alcohol in private: Hypochlorite solutions: washing water, household cleaning products contain chlorine, formaldehyde, propyl-and isopropyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, even at low concentrations are effective against the AIDS virus. Hydrogen peroxide also has the same effect and lysol. Products in pharmacies, including the names of these substances can be learned. Many other chemical disinfection agents is effective against the AIDS virus.

AIDS virus, which can survive temperatures without damage?

Most comprehensive research on the AIDS virus immediately killed 56 degrees shown. Two minutes in the cell if it is not a rich material, a material rich in cells at the end of the period from 10 to 30 minutes of the desired outcome is reached.

What disinfectants are ineffective?

In general, the words used in detergents. Ask your pharmacist for substances you suspect that the disinfectant ineffective.

AIDS viruses, UV (ultra violet) with irradiation killed?

A study of UV dose should be used to öldürülebilmesi AIDS virus more than the normal dose should be shown in use. Studies erdirilmemiştir end. Still, the usual dose of UV irradiation-sterilized and disinfected vehicles and equipment would not suffice to be considered.

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