Pulmonary obstruction - Pulmonary Diseases

Pulmonary obstruction, pulmonary arteries due to a pıhtıcık pıhtıcık Usually this means the cessation of circulation, part of the leg vein inflammation (flibit) lungs caused by walking.

This blockage can result very serious and can lead to cardiac arrest cases, a lighter, the patient feels severe pain in the chest. Saplanıyormuş dagger would embrace such. In addition, difficulty in breathing occurs. The diagnosis is confirmed by assays and X-ray films. Should be noted, however, an important concept: a pre-existence of flibitin. Flibit obstruction is the origin, occurs in various conditions: condition lies in a long time to stay (after a surgical intervention, especially in the elderly), interruption of blood circulation in veins, serious heart disease. So the diagnosis of lung obstruction, more importantly, the prevention of various aspects of such a disease.

Occlusion Treatment of Lung and needs to be done

Lung Disease, the person connected to the bed for a long time, leg calf portion is heated, multiple ağrırsa, flibitten must suspect. The event is confirmed, anti-clotting treatment immediately to prevent clogging of the girişilmelidir lung. The patient's home yatıyorsa, calf pain occurs, doctors must be informed immediately. Similarly, ankle swelling, chest pains and breathing difficulties, the doctor announced.

Flibitin to prevent the emergence of many patients and bedridden, is treated with drugs that prevent blood clotting. Provided to move the legs.

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