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It is to be, the diagnosis of AIDS is still largely based on clinical findings bugüniçin. LAV / HTLV-Ill virus scanning tests despite the presence of antibodies of the clinic is of great importance. Although there are more than 90 percent of patients AlDS'li antibodies in the blood, blood tests are negative can be found in some patients. However, many healthy people can be found in the antibody positive. Seropositive individuals will develop AIDS disease, to what extent the subject of an investigation. According to estimates, 50-20 per cent category, out of seropositive individuals, AIDS disease, be held within 5 years. Although not strictly a test koyduracak diagnosis of AIDS disease, obtaining antibody determinations and virus in the blood of patients with the diagnosis of such methods are very helpful. Lymphocytes in the blood count and sub-groups also gives valuable information. Suppressor T cells ratio of circulating helper T cells are normally from 1.2, while a large, 0.9 AlDS'li patients from the small, and that is a valuable test. This test is a proof that shows the weakness of the body and cellular immunity to AIDS can be used. Clinical section will be useful to look at the features mentioned, note that other immunological (Table VIII).

AlDS'li approach are the features of a patient. Symptoms, patients should be examined in an active way. For example, whether the cause of lung biopsy should understand that if you have an infiltration-ration. Central nervous system disorder, a computed tomography, backbone, and even brain biopsy may be needed to get water. Patient stool culture to do if you have diarrhea, bacteria, fungi and parasites should be sought protozoer. Any lump or mass is found, a biopsy should be performed. With infection or cancer in these patients could have a few, constantly observed to AlDS'li gerekir.Meselâ biopsy in a patient with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, toxoplasmosis, or atypical tuberculosis is also common to think whether it is also required. Sedin made ​​that case in a balanced interpretation of clinical and laboratory findings are very important.

Antibody Tests, Aids Tests

LAV / HTLV-III tests for the detection of antibodies to the virus in recent years has been trade. AIDS patients, and lymphadenopathy (ARC = AIDS related complex) antibody was positive the diagnosis is of great help in almost all patients.

Virus antibodies in the blood of persons seen as a test is considered sensitive and specific for infection. Because the virus from blood obtained and produced the majority of seropositive individuals. However, the relationship between the presence of antibodies bulaşmayla 100 percent is not absolute. Albeit in small quantities, false positive and false-negative results can be obtained. The virus from the blood to produce antibody-negative patients it was possible some AlDS'li. Currently, a test is being developed to scan the virus antigen. Antigen test whether more sensitive or more specific antibody test is not yet known.

Anti - LAV / HTLV-III antibodies showing the methods are as follows:

1. Enzyme-linked immunosorbent test (ELISA),
2. İmmünofluoresans test (IF),
3. Solid phase radio-immune ölçte test
4. VVestern blot test,
5. Radioimmüno-precipitation test.

The most widely used screening tests, ELISA and İF'dir purposes. Construction of these two tests are easy and can be done in many iaboratuvarda will result in 2 days. If these two tests are positive if a patient can act in two ways:

a) The same tests are repeated, this time using another factory brackets.
b) More specifically, some proteins of the virus with antibodies against the Western-blot showing the radyoimmünopresipitasyon or use one of the methods. These last methods are difficult and time consuming, only some of the major centers are.

Aids Treatment, Aids Treatment

3 can be examined at the AIDS treatment. The first section is the main reason LAV / HTLV-III virus eradication. The second part, the immune deficiency caused by the disease to be treated and, ultimately, treatment of opportunistic infections and accompanying cancers. Now let's see them more closely:

1. Specific anti-virus therapy: drugs against the virus. These are important to the reproduction of the virus, "reverse transcriptase" anzimini blocking drugs, drugs that prevent virus entry into T lymphocytes is still experimental and the results are just the exact effects are unknown. The most important of these drugs ribavirin Suramine Fosfonoformat HPA - 23 are currently being tested in various patient groups.

2. To alert the immune system of treatment:
For this purpose, many drugs are being tested. The most important are:
Interleukin - 2 gamma interferon-transplant bone marrow transplant Lymphocyte
Interleukin - 2, is a glycoprotein of the T cells, especially T and B cells facilitate proliferation. Of interferon-gamma also known to stimulate immunity. Lymphocyte transfer and bone marrow transplants performed, with the few patients who, for now the results are not very bright. Again this purpose, strengthen immunity, patients are given a drug, isoprinine. Vaccine against the disease with a very araştırılmakla not been found yet.

3. Treatment of opportunistic infections and malignant diseases: Clinical section as mentioned, many opportunistic microbes during AIDS (fungi, bacteria, viruses, protozoerler) statements of various diseases (pneumonia, meningitis, anfesalit, esophagitis, anteritler, dermatitis), as well as make some malignant diseases seen. They need an accurate diagnosis for successful treatment before. According to the diagnosis of infection will be given appropriate antibiotics.

Pneumocystis Carini infection in these patients, some doctors who think creates a big problem, from the outset, as a preservative in patients AlDS'li trimethoprim - sulfamethaxazole given. In this way can be recommended in patients show allergic reaction to medication.
Apart from infections that can be seen in the treatment of cancers such as Kaposi's sarcoma or lymphoma is required. These will be used for radiotherapy and chemotherapy depending on the situation.

As seen above, the treatment of AIDS is difficult and the success rate is low. However, there are new drugs are tested every day and one of them can be effective. AIDS vaccine is still wanted by the day, humanity will be freed from a great danger.
AIDS is a deadly disease, its treatment, as well as prevention of major importance for today. The next section will describe the measures to be taken on this subject.

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