Types of Anesthesia

Decision Methods for Anaesthesia

Types of Anesthesia

Overall, regional (rejional) and three kinds of anesthesia are local. His sense of using some drugs in all three methods is temporarily eliminated. These methods can be applied separately, in some cases can also be applied together.

General Anesthesia

Loss of consciousness or sleep by creating a feeling of loss is provided a method of anesthesia. Been thought as a normal sleep is not in question here. Anesthesia using drugs of some experts and loss of consciousness by providing a certain level, and the patients realized that keeping a level of consciousness, anesthesia method. Patients are kept at the level of loss of consciousness as long as the desired depth of anesthesia is that it does nothing-patients, they do not feel. During this period, signs of life at all is under control. Or drugs given into a vein or the lungs, inhalation anesthetic drugs with the nature of the gas is generated. Usually started with intravenous anesthesia is continued by the respiratory route.

Regional Anesthesia

Carrying drugs to the brain sensations of medicines called local anesthesia and the spinal cord into the mains, as he needed surgery alone or large or small-scale field with spinal cord nerves pass through the roads, caused by injection of an anesthetic method.

Local anesthesia

The local anesthesia injected into tissue as a result of the drug operation that distributed in the region by preventing the nerves transmit sensations created a method of anesthesia. You are too small for surgical procedures.

Monitored anesthesia

Another method. More non-operative patient discomfort during endoscopic and radiological examinations are to hear or to prevent movement. In this method, in order to provide local anesthesia drugs drowsiness, sedation, general anesthesia in order to provide a combination of low doses of drugs used. In these applications, such as patients receive general anesthesia and general anesthesia during the procedure are prepared and pretended to be monitored closely.

Anesthesia Selection Method

All surgical interventions with general anesthesia is possible, but it is not possible to do with local anesthesia. In general, intra-oral procedures, to be held in the throat with a method other than attempts to make general anesthesia is not preferred. Thus, it would be possible by the method of anesthesia before the surgical intervention, which plays a major role in the selection of anesthetic technique. Some operations in every way possible to make two or three. For example, prostate surgery, such as inguinal hernia surgery. In such cases, the second factor in determining the anesthesiologist is the choice of method. Most likely from his own experience and the ability to anesthesiologist and the patient's physical and health status (weight, genetic structure, whether fat or other diseases, such as the availability of) falling the most appropriate method should be preferred.

Apart from this method of anesthesia in the patient's desire to be considered in determining the third factor. If there is no obstacle to the safety of patients and conditions of the patient's request in accordance with sokmayacak anesthesia method can be determined. A lot of people it is safe to be open to patients in the form of awareness during anesthesia is a misconception. However, for the risk of anesthesia, local anesthesia, general anesthesia is safer than in any of the studies so far ispatlanamamış koyulamamış and sometimes even harmful care may be taken. Therefore, when choosing the method of anesthesia, the patient, even the surgeon's opinion may be, but leave the last word and the anesthetist's decision to comply with its more accurate.

Specialist of anesthesia and surgery Media Selection

Surgery is the job of a team. Anesthesiologist also a very important member of this team. The most important advantage of teamwork of every member of the team working together for a long time as a result of the operation won critical periods "in harmony with the working conditions" to ensure the time is lost. Already knows what to do when the surgeon anesthesiologist, surgeon or anesthesiologist to work knowing that he would give the necessary support when you need your attention dağılmadan continues. Thus, an expert surgeon, anesthesia, surgeon, anesthetist or against the trust needs. Anesthesiologist and surgeon in this difficult situation is easily my surgery in this difficult operation to ease me of my anesthesia diyebilmelidir specialize. In this way, a sense of confidence is extremely important to the success of operations. It should be understood to work in harmony with a sense of cooperation and trust.

In general, the patient would have chosen cerrahını hit the head because of illness, but the anesthesia specialist may not recognize yet. The patient with the anesthesiologist before surgery tanışmalı, speech and as a member of the expert team should adopt. Negotiations to gain the trust of the patient's anesthesia professionals should take care with the patient. Under many of the concerns and dilemmas of insecurity should not be forgotten vatlığı.

A similar situation applies for the selection of the hospital. Always familiar with the operating team in assistants familiar choose to do the surgery. Here, the most important thing to be aware of the surgery and anesthesia and surgery in the operating room environment equipped with advanced technical facilities and experienced and knows his job helping the environment must be taken in the team. Patients did not know these features in their own choice of doctors and the media tried to explain the properties of selection should take into consideration before getting up to do.
Doctor-patient relations in our country''as well as being published in the Official Gazette No. 23420 on 01.12.1998 which entered into force, "Patients' Rights Regulations" of the 7, 9, 15 and 18 ingredients are prepared with. (Annex 1)

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