Instruments Used in Anaesthesia

Some of the drugs used in anesthesia by injection in the vein by the anesthesiologist, and others are given through the lungs. Drugs and oxygen to the lungs through the use of anesthesia machines, anesthesia specialists.

Anesthesia machines and instruments, anesthesia machines are not operating. But the instruments are complex structures. Consist of three major sections. One of them is a mixture of gases to the system, and the other inhaled anesthetic agents Circulation of the respiratory system and the other is automatically provided a breathing machine (ventilator). In the fourth part of a vital signs monitor them continuously monitored system, you need to add.

Providing a mixture of oxygen gas from the system in general hospitals to the operating room, anesthesia, nitrous oxide and compressed air piping the output ends of machines connected to the input terminals is provided. In some cases, these gases can be achieved with the anesthesia machine through tubes inserted. All gases used in industrial gases, far more pure and clean. These gases are dangerous limits due to arrive machine pan evaporation rates of mixed anesthetic substance usually contains a special mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide anesthesia was sent as a rate set by the anesthesiologist and the addition of vapor inhalation of the lungs of the mixture becomes to be sent to the patient. Evaporation of liquid anesthetic drug is usually steam vessels that make your special instruments. Mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide anesthesia in this ride passes will be mixed with the drug.

Anesthesiologist, patient, depending on the amount calculated by the inhalation of this gas mixture to the system directs the Circulation. This system consists of corrugated hoses, or closed, the patient's face mask or a tube placed in the patient's throat or breathing tube is connected. The patient returned on the air in the system that cleans the carbon di-oxide is a section involving the substance is always present and in the name of the so-called soda cup.
Ventilator, the gas mixture is set to the lungs, respiratory instrument automatically send them an inflated one söndürerek. The amount of gas flow on the anesthetist anesthesia machine, oxygen concentration, the concentration of anesthetic drugs, on a ventilator in the amount of gas mixture to be taken with every breath and adjusts the number of minutes taken out respiration.

Monitors anesthesia is extremely important tools. Zannedilir not do anything after the start of anesthesia, anesthesia specialists. However, an extremely busy anesthesiologist throughout the surgery. Continuous as the patient, surgery, surgeon, operating room and assess the eyes, everything ends. Increases or decreases the amount of serum as the case may be, if you need to use other drugs. At the end of surgery in the postoperative treatment plans, patient and surgical team to plan and discuss gönderilmeyeceğinin sent to the intensive care unit.

Anesthesiologist monitors most of these evaluations will use the information it receives. It monitors the patient's response to anesthesia and surgery reflects. Continuously monitors the following symptoms in order to evaluate this response is monitored through:
Pulse rate and rhythm, monitors the patient through electrodes placed on the chest elektrokardiografisi (ECG) is monitored continuously reflected in the screen. This monitoring and pulse rate as well as any ailment of the heart is monitored.

Blood pressure cuff placed on the lever is placed into a vein through the score in the set time intervals or continuously via a thin plastic needle can be viewed on the monitor.

The amount of oxygen carried by blood vessels and leads to finger-tip pulse oximeter attached to and through the so-called instrument is monitored on the monitor again.

The amount of carbon dioxide anesthesia machine breathing circuit attached to breathing air again with a similar instrument can be viewed on the monitor.

Out of them enough breathing, the lungs do enough flew in, Do you have a blockage of the airways, airway pressure is normal, the patient's body temperature within normal limits, with the help of monitors operated continuously monitored bozunca. In addition, from some surgeries, the amount of urine and arterial pressure, pulmonary arteries, such as high pressures can be seen in the findings. Anesthesia machines, anesthesia circuits, separation due to the existing alarm systems, folding, or a decrease in pressure in gas pipe system, the gas depletion, technical problems such as airway pressure changes on the fly, and alarm systems, warning line anesthesiologist will be informed immediately corrects deficiencies. The patient is under anesthesia is not sufficiently monitored by the anesthesiologist, anesthesia is inadequate to remain at the border or on the contrary, it prevented the deepening than needed.

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