Drugs and Anesthesia Cream

Anesthesia Drugs and Cream

The administration of anesthesia medication consisted of a patient started a lot of sleep, finds; role of the anesthesiologist does not know what the difference is and can not sleep during the surgery. However, for various purposes other than sleep medicine started ten and above average number of drugs used during anesthesia.

Drugs Used in Anaesthesia

General anesthesia is used for the main four groups of drugs.

Initial (induction) drugs: These drugs are usually given through a blood vessel in a short time and cause loss of consciousness, accompanied by sleep drugs. Effects of short-lived. This will only be used initially.

Anesthesia drug

Pain relievers (analgesics): More or synthetic derivative of morphine and morphine-like structure that provides strong pain relief drugs that effect. Enhances the effects of anesthesia drugs used during anesthesia in small doses. Thus, anesthetic drug to be used less. Helps to avoid the pain of surgery. These drugs are often used for the same purpose in the postoperative period.

Muscle relaxants: These drugs within the field of operation eliminates the resistance of powerful muscles. Thus, a smaller incision and the wider area of operation is provided. So that the surgeon's work would be more comfortable and easier. Induction to relax the vocal cords and the vocal cords during the respiratory tube is passed through the respiratory tube allows easy placement.

Inhalation agents: patient asleep during surgery involving these drugs and used drugs given to patients with respiratory tract. For example, ether 'of such a drug. Today, the effects of ether in less time than it started and ended as soon as possible the effects of the drug is widely used in many anesthesia. Hiding under anesthesia machines for use in liquid, these drugs are needed.

Local anesthesia was introduced briefly out of the four groups of local anesthetic drugs are used in a completely different effect.

Local anesthetics: These drugs have been operated with a needle by giving the area around the nerves, the spinal cord, nerves or nerve groups and prevent the brain from sending warning.

In addition, nausea and vomiting, and remembering deemed to prevent the entry and exit of the operating room, ie, the short-term memory loss, according to instead of breathing, the airways relax, if you have irregular heart rate, preventing the harmful effects of certain drugs, continuing on the need to eliminate or otherwise used in There are drugs. Outside the vessel during surgical operations or to keep open the path of drugs or fluids to replace lost blood and body fluids are also used for the purpose of different content.

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