Anaesthesia Decision Making

Anaesthesia Decision Making

Patient rights, regulation 22, 24 and 31 (Appendix 1) before the patients to be familiar with the articles and information about the transaction after getting his consent about the medical procedure that is enforced. Patient consent is an essential principle of medical ethics at the same time. Pre-condition of the patient's consent the patient's "health status, medical procedures to be applied to him, their benefits and possible drawbacks, alternative methods of medical intervention, treatment and possible consequences of rejection that may arise in the course of the disease and about the consequences' is familiar. This information should be made ​​by the physician. The patient, the physician should ask all the questions related to disease, it is controversial, will be fully illuminated 'consent should show transactions.

Usually informed about this operation was considered a "Notification Form" is given and patients are asked to read this form completely. Should be enlightened enough to be operated on again when the patient decides. In other words, for the treatment of setbacks should know what will happen to brighten and more controversial question should ask, should strive to learn. A responsibility to tell the physician to make a statement such as, the patient also has the responsibility to learn and brighten. The patient explained to me they do not understand or dememelidir anlatılmadı. Illuminated enough to get the patient still wants to have an operation and anesthesia, so he accepts the proposed treatment of this treatment shows documenting the making of consent, "consent form" sign. The patient does not have a child or the openness of the process of being conscious enough to be carried out by his legal guardians. In terms of physician and patient informed consent;

Give consent to have enough information about what the patient before, and then to give informed consent,
Be written to inform,
Informing patients' rights regulation 15 performed in accordance with,
Information and consent for the patient healthy enough time to decide (at least 24 hours), leaving the properties as there are to be considered.
The purpose of this book is also the subject of a foreign or relatives of patients with early stages of anesthesia is to assist in the bilgilenmelerine consent.

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