Tuberculous Pericarditis

Tuberculous pericarditis

Approximately 20% of all cases of tuberculosis pericarditis nature. Tuberculosis pericarditis spread of tuberculosis in the neighboring regions husule perikarda income. The disease begins with inflammation fibrinous or serofibrinöz talented. There is usually a liquid perikard'da. Can be found in the pericardium and pleural effusion. Tuberculosis rarely reaches perikarda lenfojen or hematogenously.

Retrosternal dullness physical examination, heart sounds heard with difficulty, pericardium frotmanı, paradoxical pulse, and the left lung base of the paravertebral is dullness.

Chest radiography, tuberculin test and the diagnosis is supported by ECG. Radiography enlarged heart is the limit. This expansion is similar to the growth of the heart, sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two. Chest radiography, pulmonary tuberculosis, or whether the pleural fluid should be examined. Standard electrocardiographic leads in the first period of the disease seen in ST-elevation-Larda, ST segments return to normal after a few days. Taken by puncture of the pericardial fluid, Simi, bacteriological and cytological examined.

Perikarditten Serofibrinöz tuberculosis a few years or in some cases after a long period of chronic constrictive pericarditis is husule.

The main clinical symptoms of chronic perikardit'nin paradoxical pulse and heart towards the obstruction of venous circulation. The main symptoms of obstruction, hepatomegaly, peripheral edema, increased venous pressure and acid.

Radiological examination of the heart is small and the movements are reduced.
Pericarditis is a serious disease of tuberculosis. Antituberculosis drugs and steroids, as is done in tuberculosis treatment milyer. Antituberculosis drug therapy for at least two years.

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