Atypical Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Atypical Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Soil, water, milk and some acid-resistant bacteria in animals as a saprophyte in the clinical and radiological causes a disease similar to tuberculosis. These "opportunistic mycobacteria," or "nontüberküloz mycobacteria are known as". Clinical and radiological approximately 5% of cases of atypical tuberculosis diagnosed with tuberculosis.
4 The main group of atypical mycobacteria:

Group I. Fotokromojenler (M.kansasii, M. luciflavum)
Group II. Skotokromojenler (M.skrofulaseum)
Group III. Nonkromojenler (M.intrasellulare or Battey bacillus, M.avium, M.xenopi)
Group IV. Feeding-site fast bacilli isolated (M.bakterium fortiutum)

Quick isolated mycobacteria grow rapidly in soil M.fortiutum 25 degrees, can cause lung disease in humans.

The most important complication of tuberculosis disease M.avium intrasellulare AIDS.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumoconiosis, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, chronic lung disease such as atypical tuberculosis infections are monitored more frequently. And many middle-aged or elderly patients with atypical mycobacteria lung of men.

Clinical and Radiological Findings

Clinical symptoms are the same as pulmonary tuberculosis, but not acute, severe pulmonary tuberculosis are rare findings are followed up.

Atypical mycobacteria are difficult to diagnose the disease. Sputum, lymph node biopsy or resection material to provide a definitive diagnosis idantifîkasyonuyla related bacteria. Tuberculin test was positive or negative light.

Treatment and Prognosis

Asimptomatik cases or cases of non-specific treatment progress is needed. The current run with the control of chronic disease. The disease is progressive in the specific treatment. AIDS infection in patients with lung diseases such as pneumoconiosis and those with less than the success of treatment. Atypical mycobacteria resistant to most tuberculosis drugs.

The results of in vitro resistance and treatment success in tuberculosis, as well as a close relationship between the no. However, despite the results of resistance to drug treatment if the treatment is applied.

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