Tuberculosis Meningitis

Non-Tuberculosis Lung

Serosa tuberculosis (pleural, meningitis, pericardium and peritoneum), larynx and larynx tuberculosis neighboring organs, the trachea-bronchial tuberculosis, gastrointestinal tuberculosis, tuberculosis of the lymph system, liver and spleen, tuberculosis, urogenital tuberculosis, ocular tuberculosis and extrapulmonary tuberculosis are major adrenal tuberculosis. Extrapulmonary tuberculosis pleural diseases pleural tuberculosis has an important place in the group was written.

Tuberculosis Meningitis

Milyer is an important complication of tuberculosis. Hematogenous spread of tuberculosis in central nervous system husule infek-siyonunun income. It is not necessary for the development of tuberculosis meningitis milyer presence of tuberculosis. Worse prognosis than is found with the two diseases.

Insidious onset of tuberculosis meningitis. Clinical symptoms gradually improved. Headache, fever, irritability, fatigue, weight loss and vomiting, the main symptoms of the disease. Later, disturbances of consciousness, strabizm, photophobia, ocular paralysis and limb paralysis husule income. Babinski reflex is positive. Feeling of suffocation, coma and epistotonus later symptoms of the disease. Neck stiffness is often an early symptom often found in conjunction with increased reflexes and signs of Kernig and Brudzinsky. Kernig signs of neck, back and waist, and these regions bükülmeğe resistant hardness. Brudzinsky symptoms are related to irritation of the meninges are neck and legs, stiffness, resist twisting.

Fuzzy spider web like appearance of cerebrospinal fluid, fluid pressure increases, increase in leukocyte (particularly an increase in lymphocytes), an increase in protein, sugar and most important findings for the diagnosis of tuberculous meningitis reduced chloride

Is 100% of untreated cases, death. An appropriate treatment of cases in more than 80% improvement in revenue husule. Early initiation of treatment increases the chance of success. Treatment should continue for 2-3 years. Recovering approximately 10% of the cases accepted neurological abnormalities. Isoniazid, rifampin, ethambutol, streptomycin, and start with the quadruple drug therapy. Beginning of the treatment of corticosteroid used. Lasted for 2-4 weeks after the acute phase (disappearance of clinical symptoms) by reducing the steroids gradually cut off. Antituberculosis drugs and doses milyer kortikosteroid'in is written about tuberculosis.

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