Tuberculosis Milyer

Milyer Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis Milyer

Milyer untreated tuberculosis is a serious and fatal disease. Milyer tuberculosis patients should be hospitalized for treatment. Antituberculosis drug treatment of patients with tuberculosis in the milyer are approximately 20% of deaths. The rate of tuberculosis infection in a serious show that the extent of the disease. The death rate in patients with tuberculosis meningitis milyer is more.

Pathogenesis and pathology

Milyer hematogenous tuberculosis during primary infection in young children more with a spread of income husule. Furthermore, the hematogenous spread postprimer tüberkülozlardan milyer tuberculosis may develop as a result. Tuberculosis, measles and whooping cough milyer facilitate infections.
2-3 mm in diameter Milyer millet tuberculosis cases (Milet) consists of the size of lesions. Miletus was the word name of the disease. The main elements of the lesions Milyer epithelioid cells, lymphocytes and giant cells of Lang-hans. Other organs, especially the liver, spleen and kidneys milyer husule spread income. Pleurisy, meningitis, peritonitis and pericarditis with such deployments (poliserositis) is followed quite often. Some milyer tuberculosis cases decreased infection resistance is an important way. For this reason, tuberculin skin test is negative or uncertain nature. Antituberculosis drug therapy developed active immunity scheme is a positive tuberculin reaction.

Clinical symptoms

% Of tuberculous meningitis in tuberculosis disease has Milyer 30'nda and related symptoms of the disease help diagnose tuberculosis in olur.Milyer main symptom of fever. Initially, there is a slight cough, the disease progresses, becomes more prominent and ever-increasing dyspnea and syanoz husule income. Infectious fever does not show a specific feature. Fire intizamsız, uniform, high or floating may be higher. Patients have a marked tachycardia and tachypnea. Tachypnea is usually proportional to the fire nature.

There are certain abnormalities in the lungs of a physical examination. Advanced stages of the disease may be common fine Railer. Splenomegaly and hepatomegaly in approximately half of the cases are more rare. Whereas a pathognomonic finding is important and examination of the eye tubercle koriodia'da, half of the cases monitored.

Radiological findings

Milyer chest radiography in the diagnosis of tuberculosis is an overview of the most important. Scattered equally in all directions in the lungs as small pinhead sized millet or micronodular lesions are seen. The disease came together to proceed in this small lesions look tipisi husule snow comes. In some cases the primary radiograph or a tuberculosis postprimer visible lesions and pleurisy.

Diagnosis and treatment

The most important finding milyer radiographic changes. Koch's bacillus in sputum and gastric juice antituberculosis drugs, sensitivity must be sought and examined. In the cases of tuberculous meningitis with Milyer se-robrospinal fluid analysis is useful in diagnosis. Furthermore, bone marrow, urine, pleural and joint fluid of Koch's bacillus should be sought direct and culture methods. Autopsy studies in 100% of cases of tuberculosis milyer lung, liver, tuberculous lesions seen in 90% of lung and liver biopsies are used for diagnosis when needed.

If you wait for the outcome of suspected tuberculosis and tuberculin Milyer bacteriology should begin treatment. Isoniazid, rifampin, ethambutol stereptomisin medications and treatment of four starts. For example, isoniazid 10-20 mg / kg, rifampin, 10-20 mg / kg and streptomycin 20 mg / kg and ethambutol 25 mg / kg doses given. After a period of acute disease (4-6 weeks), double or triple drug therapy is completed in 2 years. 7-14 days at the beginning of the disease is 30-40 mg / day corticosteroids-thyroid is used. After this time, by reducing the daily dose of 2 mg of steroid treatment is concluded.

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