Tibia Bone Flute Tibya

The skeleton of the leg bone inside the two long and thick one. Femurla above, below, as did the joint with the talus and the fibula in his dışyanında above and below was a joint.

Tibyanın, the two ends of each long bone, such as an object and will be reviewed.

Tibya body; Tibyamn body inside, outside and back, three hundred and external and internal, as the front edge of the three shows.

Internal face that is rough on the part of the thigh muscles of the face up, the three-beam kazayağını sticks. Other sub-division, remaining on the linea poplitea'nm section, is triangular in pürtük musculus shows off popliteus'un clog. Sub-section length of the face is divided into two crested at a length that is adjacent to the leg muscles in the back.

External face, the length of hollow pre-muscle adhesion tibya'nm on this face. Is a convex sub-section turns out.

The rear face, a third of this yjizün at the junction of the middle one-third to half, taking the name of dizardı line is a line from top to bottom and outside to the inside. This line has a little hole under the feeder.

Outer edge, is also called kemiklerarası comb and sharp.
I removed the edge, only the lower half is decided.

The front edge, light is bent in the form of an S, the middle part of the meşkindir. Içyana küntleşir and leans down.
Upper-end, high-end kalınlaştığından Tibyanın body upward lot of bone is the thickest, cubic format. The end of the femur fits kondillerine, internal and external displays two condyle: İçtekine, internal condyle; dıştakine is called the outer condyle.

The upper face of the upper end, the upper spherical faces that belong to the name of the field and the condyles, articular surface of the cavity has two. This is in the middle of the face, internal and external tuberculin kondillerarast kondillerarası mound and called in a mound named two are separated from the ledge. Dışyanında playful side of the mound, and a small hole rounds, içyanda rest, more oyuktur front to back. Is a face in front of and behind the mound in the rough. Öndekine kondillerarası pre-pit, pit arkadakine kondillerarası called back.

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