What is the bone of the patella Knee Cap

Knee cap bone, the patella is

The patella, knee joint, in front of the triangle is a short bone, the femur of a sesamoid bone developed in four başlısının beam.

This is the back bone to the front and two sides, a base, there is a hill and the two sides.

The faces, the front face of the bone is rough and convex on the vessels have passed the holes. The back of the femur with the joint patellaris'i facies is doing, is called articular surface. This is joint top in the face is doing three straight quarters, a quarter of the pürtüküdür below. This is a blunt face descending to the surface is divided into two crested. The rest of them larger and more oyuktur dışyanda.

The base or the top edge of the bone, and blunt the above are forward curved, four-head on the thigh muscle fibers of the beam sticks.
Hill is pointed below the patella and is adhered bond.

As for the edges, which are the sides are very rough and thick; on the four major thigh muscle, the medial and lateral vastus muscles of the name, beam yarn sticks.

Ossification, the patella is a single point of ossification appear in 2-3 years. Ossification in the age of majority is completed.

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