The heel bone

Front to back, this is the biggest of the bones of the ankle bone length cubic format. There are six faces of the heel bone.

Behind the face of a rough reputation in the upper third, two thirds of the posterior articular surface of the talus in front of the joint operating name of the field and with an articular surface of the talus, the talus in front of co-operating groove combined with the sine of the skeleton tarsus and calcaneal groove with a groove that takes the name of the front and içyanında articular surface of the two is that the middle talar articular surface is called arkadakine.

Work side-face of D i, is quite flat. The process is called a bulge in the middle of trochlearis, it also has front and back of the gutter, one; grooves fibular beam passes through the muscles.

İçyan face that curves down and forward in a groove wide leg base last beam, allows the passage of veins and nerves. The upper part of the pre-groove, and extending to the talus kolanı içyana a solid ledge of the step that is secondary sııstentaculum.

Rear face that is convex and the lower section of the middle lot ACHILLE beam clings to rough.
Front face that shows the articular surface of one of membrane bone. This top-down concave and transversely convex face.

As for sub-to-face, very irregular. This is a protrusion of the face is called the back end of the heel bone bump. The front section is divided into two small ledge. Fibular tubercle tuberis calcanei dışyandaki them, takes its name from içyandakî calcanei tuberis tibial tubercle that binds to both sticks. Adheres to a ledge in front of these two joint ties, are more than offset.

Ossification; one of the primitive other is the secondary point of ossification are two. Primitive fetal life, which appears in Article 8. Secondary with 6 to 9 appear cool customer. Ossification all 16 years old.

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